The Healthy Truth Behind An Avocado!

There is a lot you wouldn’t be able to know just by looking at an avocado, all the way from the hydrating nourishment it can leave in your skin to the impact on your health. Avocados are very multipurpose. I use them in my hair, on my face, and in my food! You can never go wrong with a perfectly riped avocado. I will be listing several benefits I use from an avocado that I find at my local grocery store for just couple quarters! They are very cheap which makes it even better, right!

       Avocados are naturally full of nutrients and 20+ vitamins and minerals! They are also full of antioxidants. They help provide all the right ingredients needed to maintain a clear and clean complexion, Healthy hair strands, and a strong body health. They are full of healthy fats.
Avocado for your skin is a very popular beauty trick. You can create your very own face mask and even add in your favorite ingredients to make it fit your skin best! I like to use honey with my mask! Avocados will leave your complexion hydrated and feeling fresh. It is full of vitamins and antioxidants that work wonders for skin. Avocados also have natural oils that’ll moisturize your skin and leave a deep impact especially on any dry or peeling skin. Wanna know a secret? Eating avocados can also help clear of your complexion! It has been found that avocados can also help clear your skin from the inside out! Amazing, right? You can simply add one to your salad or even your sandwich to create way more nutrient benefits.
                                                           Here’s a great face mask you can use avocado with that’ll have you obsessed!
     Avocados are also great for a hair mask! Their are many different types of products you can add to make it a more efficient mask! Here is my all time favorite!

Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow Palette: 35F “Fall Into Frost” REVIEW

Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow Palette: 35F “Fall Into Frost” REVIEW

Morphe Brushes is one of the top brands if you’re looking for pigment, and beautiful colors! I own several of the Morphe Palettes, and I have NEVER been disappointed. I love everything about the Morphe palettes. They are so versatile because they come with so many shades! Their are 35 pans in each palette! You can create so many looks with so many different shades and styles! Morphe has a large social media presence that would blow your mind when you see what all makeup artist can do with just one palette!

You can get your Morphe palette from or you can also visit their store in CA! I’ve always wanted to go there and see all  the gorgeous products! You can also shop my amazon store to get most the palettes for cheaper! Click here, MY AMAZON STORE, Of course, I’ll get some commission as well! Now on to the more important things, I will be swatching the beautiful colors, and then I’ll be showing you some looks that were created using this palette! The looks will also have the direct social media tag/name to the MUA that created the look.






Image result for Morphe 35f



LUSH Cup O’Coffee Face Mask Dupe DIY

LUSH Cup O’Coffee Face Mask Dupe DIY

I’m sure you’ve heard about the amazing LUSH coffee face mask! If you haven’t make sure you visit your local LUSH store and check it out! It is one of the best sellers and most of all, It smells AMAZING! I love the Cup O’coffee face mask. The only downfall is it can get very expensive especially when you aren’t trying to splurge. It’s always alarming when you can create a very similar product for a much affordable price! I created this dupe for only about 6 dollars!


The coffee acts as a perfect exfoliator. It will help remove dead skin without leaving harsh redness! I love it because the coffee grinds are perfect for my sensitive skin and it also smells amazing! The honey is also a key ingredient. Honey is good for glowing skin. It will leave your skin acne improved and nourished.


   1/2 cup coffee beans (mashed up)

3/4 cup of milk

2-3 tbsp Honey


Specifics On The Ingredients:

Coffee Beans: One of the best smelling exfoliators! (Am I Right?) It boost collagen levels as well. The benefit is that is is a nice smooth exfoliator without any sharp beads that will cause damage to your skins surface.

Milk: It has compared to lemon juice to also lighten your skin dark spots. It contains lactic acid to help improve skin discoloration. It can also be a great toner.

Honey: Honey acts as an antibacterial. It helps with acne and it also is known for leaving a special glow! It will boost your complexion with a soothing finish!



Mash the coffee beans into a bowl. Next, Mix in the milk and honey. Stir until the coffee beans are completely mixed in. Make sure it is stirred and applied evenly. Apply and enjoy for 10-15 minutes!

The Ultimate Avocado Face Mask

The Ultimate Avocado Face Mask

You’ve been on the search for the perfect facial mask to nourish and hydrate your skin to perfection! Well here it is! The ultimate face mask I use to soften and restore my skin. It is perfect for a evenings relaxation, and most of all, It’s cheap! You can make this mask for anywhere from free-$1.00! All you need is a few key ingredients. I love this mask because it never fails to store moisture and soothes my skin.


        It hydrates skin and will also help acne prone problems. Avocado helps exfoliate the dead skin layer for brighter and smooth skin. Your wrinkles will begin to fade, along with anti-aging. Overall, It restores moisture!


   1/2 Avocado

1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

1/2 Ripe Banana

Optional Ingredients:

Avocado + Lemon= Oily Skin

Avocado + Mayonnaise= Hair Repair

Avocado + Honey= Acne Prone Skin

Avocado + Oatmeal= Dry Skin

Avocado + Egg Whites= Wrinkles

   Specifics On The Ingredients:


Avocado: Avocado’s are known to help moisturize and smooth skin. It hydrates and soothes. You will not be disappointed with the nourishment it will leave! They are filthy rich with fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. This being said, It can improve your skin from the inside out!

Coconut Oil: It is a natural antibacterial and anti fungal oil. It penetrates deep in your skin leaving an unremarkable amount of moisture. Coconut oil is very versatile as well. It is a key part of any moisturizer!


       Peel the avocado and mash into a small bowl. Mix until it is a nice paste, and has little to no lumps. Next, Peel the banana and mash it into the same mixture until blended well together. Pour in the coconut oil or olive oil and mix together.



Avocado Hair Repair Treatment DIY

Avocado Hair Repair Mask DIY

I have come across an amazing hair HOLY GRAIL! Avocado hair repair mask! It is perfect and works like magic. You will not be disappointed. It restores moisture and repairs strand by strand leaving the perfect outcome of naturally healthy hair. It can be made from anywhere from free-$3.00! You must give it a try!


        It hydrates your hair and restores all the moisture. Avocado helps strengthen and soften your hair strand by strand.  Overall, It’s perfect when you have dead and dry hair!


   1/2 Avocado

1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

1/4 cup mayonnaise

After care: Apple Cider Vinegar

   Specifics On The Ingredients:

Avocado: Avocado’s are known to help moisturize and smooth skin. It hydrates and soothes. You will not be disappointed with the nourishment it will leave! They are filthy rich with fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. This being said, It can improve your skin from the inside out!

Coconut Oil: It is a natural antibacterial and anti fungal oil. It penetrates deep in your skin leaving an unremarkable amount of moisture. Coconut oil is very versatile as well. It is a key part of any moisturizer!

Mayonnaise: Full of protein and helps store moisture! It is oil based so it will help your hair shine bright! It penetrates deep to leave a noticeably healthy impact.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Helps clean your scalp and get rid of all unnatural build up. It cleanses, clarifies, shines, and balances levels. It also is known to detangle and reduce frizz!



       Peel the avocado and mash into a small bowl. Mix until it is a nice paste, and has little to no lumps. Next, empty the mayonnaise and mix together until it is a nice consistency. Add the oils of your choice and apply! After you leave the hair mask on for approx. 20 minutes Rinse with apple cider vinegar! Due to the smell of apple cider vinegar you should then shampoo and condition with your regular products. Rinse well.

Killer Acne/Oily Skin Lemon Face Mask DIY

The Killer Acne/Oily Skin Lemon Face Mask

Have you been dying to find a face mask that will get rid of all that oily and acne on your skin? Well here it is! The killer face mask I use to get rid of dirt and oil on my skin. It is perfect after you take of all your makeup, or even when tanning by the pool! You can make this mask for anywhere from free-$1.00! All you need is a few key ingredients that will target the flaws and overcome them easily. I love this mask because it gets rid of all the oily and nasty breakouts!


        It brightens and fights oily and acne. It is also known to revive aging skin and treat dark spots. It gets rid of those stubborn white heads, black heads, and annoying pimples! You can’t go wrong with lemon!


   2 tbsp natural lemon juice

1/2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil (Optional)

2-3 tbsp Baking soda


Specifics On The Ingredients:

Lemon: Has acne fighting qualities as well as fighting against oily skin. It hydrates and it is known best for brightening. It get’s ride of dark and uneven skin. It has astringents that push oil out of your skin.

Coconut Oil: It is a natural antibacterial and anti fungal oil. It penetrates deep in your skin leaving an unremarkable amount of moisture. Coconut oil is very versatile as well. It is a key part of any moisturizer!

Baking Soda: It is a chemical peel, which means it is a good exfoliant. It balances the PH level of your skin which is important for maintaining healthy and clear skin.


Squeeze the fresh lemon juice into a bowl and add any optional oils such as coconut oil. Next, Mix in the baking soda. It should make a nice paste. Make sure there are no chunks. Apply and enjoy for 10-15 minutes!

DIY Mouthwash Foot Exfoliator, Gets Rid of All Dead Skin!

     DIY Mouthwash Foot Exfoliator, Gets Rid of All Dead Skin!


Summer time is coming and it is time to get those feet looking brand new again! Especially due to wearing sandals and flip flops! I have came across the BEST foot exfoliator ever, mouthwash! You didn’t expect that did you? It literally peels of all dead skin and leaves your feet super soft. I use this DIY at least 2 times a month and it last forever! It’s very simple! It also wont empty your pockets.

According to, “If you’ve had a pedicure, then you’re familiar with the benefits of exfoliation. Foot calluses can develop due to daily pressure from workouts, walking and wearing those truly fashionable, but less-than-comfortable shoes that you adore. But after a little apricot scrub and a session with a pumice stone, your feet can feel soft, smooth and sandal-ready. While you wouldn’t employ the exact same methods on your face, or even your arms and legs, the rest of your body certainly can benefit from a little exfoliating.”

This being said, foot exfoliation is just as important as a facial. Maintain healthy and clean feet with this affordable DIY.




  •      1/2 cup of mouthwash, (Any brand works, but I suggest Listerine)
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 1/2 cup of warm/hot water




Pour the mixture into a tube/container that can fit both your feet. Make sure your feet are already clean, and have no dirt on them. Next, Place them into the tube and soak them for 10-15 minutes. Now take a foot file and all the dead skin will rub right off! You can even just use a towel and scrub it all off. After you are finished, add a apricot foot scrub or any foot cream of your choice then finish it off with a nice stress relief foot cream, or a foot cream of your choice.

How To Get 23,000 Blog Views From Pinterest In One Week!

How To Get 23,000 Blog Views From Pinterest In One Week!

The game of blogging is nowhere near easy, In fact it’s pretty hard! It takes a lot of time consumption and hard work! Moral of the story, The hard work you put in is the hard work you’ll get out. I started blogging in July of 2016, and it is now February of 2017! I’ve managed to create a blog from nothing and turn it into a blooming business! I’ve gained tons of engagements and steady subscribes over the past few months.

When I first started blogging I read every article I could find on how to get a successful blog that gets thousands upon thousands of views. I overtime began to realized that each of these articles had something similar. PINTEREST! They all discussed how Pinterest is the best platform for marketing and getting your blog tons of views! Yes, It’s very easy to make an account and pin your blog articles to a board, but it takes WAY more than just that! Trust me, I learned this the hard way. You have to put in WEEKS of work to get your blog Pinterest perfected. Eventually, it will start to generate itself and you can sit back and watch the beauty of Pinterest blog marketing! Until then, I’ll show you exactly how dominate this amazing platform.

First things first, creating a killer account. This is where you take the theme of your blog and you turn it into art. Your profile picture and bio should be completely based off your blog. Beginning with the bio, you should always have a direct link to your blog with a cute message about your niche. For example,

    “Everything you need,

from beauty talks,

to the latest fashion trends!

Only at

The key is to keep it short and simple, but you still want to pull you’re readers and followers in! Now, your profile picture should be just as simple! Use your blog’s logo! It should be the same one located on your blogs homepage and the same color scheme. This will keep everything clean and simplistic.

The next important step is creating several boards to match your content. I personally created around 12 boards. I have them ranging from topics such as makeup, hair, life inspiration, and fashion trends. Each board has a catchy name, and a board cover to match my blog theme and profile picture. This is what pulls together your overall Pinterest profile. Your followers will fall in love with the organization and the simplistic theme of your profile. It should be easy to find what they are looking for and you should also try your best to pin the appropriate things to each board. DON’T FORGET: Make a board that is specifically for just your blog, and pin every post to this board.



      Moving on, It’s time to discuss how to get people to engage with your Pinterest. The major key is your pins and the content! The graphics should be eye-catching! Pinterest is nothing like the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” In fact, It’s the exact opposite. THE COVER IS EVERYTHING! You have to make it pop and stand out from all the other pins. For blogging, you always want the longer length pins, and you want them to be rich pins. Rich pins give a direct link back to your blog when they are clicked on. This is what will generate most of your traffic. My favorite part about pinning is creating the graphics! I enjoy this because you can express so many things and pull in the followers by designing a beautiful cover picture! Since I first started blogging I’ve always used www.canva.comIt is free and super easy to use!

Another key factor is switching your account over to a business account. This will give you the ability to see your account analytics and you can connect your website to get all the data obtained from Pinterest. I use this to track my growth and see what is working best and what affects my engagement. You can also track the amount of clicks you get from Pinterest to your website. Cool, right?

 Now it’s time to conquer and dominate! This is by far the most IMPORTANT step!


   I cannot emphasize this enough, believe me when I say this is the magic of pinning! Group boards are boards that you can be invited to pin to but you do not own. This is what gives you ton of exposure! For example, I am in a group board with 187k followers. When I pin to this board they all can see my pin, and then when they re-pin it, their followers can also see my pin! It’s a continuously cycle full of growth! Essentially you want to join 80-100 group boards at the least in my opinion! You do this by finding a group board and following the direction in the bio. Some will have you email, and others will just say comment if you want to join. How do you find group boards? is an amazing way to find them, but this site only gets updated every few months. My favorite way to find them is by looking at the profiles of some top bloggers and asking to join the group boards I find on their page. Trust me, if you try to skip this step you will see NO growth at all.

After you’ve gotten this far you have to stay consistent and active. This can be super easy by using tailwind! Tailwind automates pins so your account is continuously pinning. This way you are always engaging and so you can always expect to get some engagement back! You can always test it out and see if it works best for you!

2017 Skin care routine that will have you going CRAZY!

The 2017 Skin Care Routine That Will Have You Going Crazy!

Skin care is so important! A lot of people have been spending months fighting against blemishes and acne that keeps reappearing. End the battle with this killer skin care routine.


Wash day! Use all your favorite cleaners that works best on your skin, and wash away all the dirt and oil. This is the best way to start the week with a clean face. Remember, you don’t want to use facial acne products everyday. Somedays you want to give your skin a breather. Let it relax and don’t put too much scrubbing on your face.


EXFOLIATE! I can not explain to you how important this day is. You get rid of all the dead skin. It will brighten and get rid of the dull skin. You can create your own exfoliator as well. Checkout my DIY honey-vanilla brown sugar scrub! This is a perfect product you can use as an exfoliator and it’s cost little to nothing! It will also leave your face glowing and smelling good with no harm to your skin.
A great way to help you exfoliate is to use a spin brush.


Moisturizer, after the harshness of exfoliating, you should always moisturize. This keeps your skin looking hydrated and prevents dryness and any redness.


Acne pads/creams. This is the day you use your best products to get rid of all that acne and blemishes. You do not want to skip this day, especially if you break out a lot. Your skin will get into the habit of this routine as well.


This is my favorite day, FACE MASK FRIDAY! Why is this my favorite day? You can create your own face mask or you can buy one! I love creating my own face mask because this way I know it’s all natural products that don’t cause any harm.


Toners! Ready to clean those pores out? Yes! A toner is just the thing you’re looking for if you want to remove all dirt, grime, and oil. Toners are like rejuvenators and make your skin feel fresh and clean! They will clean out you’re pores and make your skin brighter! The thing I personally love the most about toners is that they leave a soothing feeling on my skin. Most toners contain lemons, which are really good for your skin.


Rest day. You’ve been using so much products on your face throughout the week that your skin needs a quick break. Let it naturally do what it’s job is on Sundays before you repeat the routine on Monday!

Why Everyone Loves Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Eyebrows!

The reason every MUA loves Anastasia brow products 

   Have you ever wondered why everyone seems to love ABH? I’ll tell you why! The products are by far the best eyebrow products you’ll come across. With such a wide variety of colors/shades and different types of products, it is the best on the market if you’re looking for a killer brow!
  I’ve never came across a bad compliment about Anastasia Beverly Hills. This would definitely be my one and only recommendation from a dip-brow or even concealer!
  The concealer works like magic. It can cover up scars or even hairs you have not yet plucked. This is what gives the brows the overall clean and sharp look! You definitely would want to purchase this along with your brow product.
  Anastasia has a wide line of products from the pencils, to the dip-brow in powder or gel. It would be a dream to collect every Anastasia product on the market! They are so smooth and never dry out! It also doesn’t leave harsh lines and it is very easy to find the color that matches you best! It can be pretty easy learning how to use the products as well! I’ll insert some videos below to help you better understand the use of the products!
   Although you can find many dupes for the eyebrow products, you won;t find anything that works as good! Most the products are priced around $20. It is worth every penny! The products also tend to last for months! You’re guaranteed to love it! You’re also able to purchase for an amazing deal on my amazon store listed below!


Thank you for visiting street haute! I hope you’re enjoying my blog! Be sure to subscribe in the left sidebar! Also, feel free to comment your opinion on the wonderful ABH products! If you don’t already own any, try it out!