How To Stay Popular In The Beauty World




                The simple key to staying popular in the world of beauty is CONSISTENCY! Yes, consistency is a major key. Stay on top of the game, and always know what the latest trends happen to be! If you see a trend coming on, be one of the first to conquer!  It is also important that you advertise the trend or the product. It can be as simple as posting a selfie on Instagram!  Just open your eyes because new trends and products can come every month or even week!

             It is major that you aren’t afraid to try new things! Leave your comfort zone. Popularity in the beauty world consist of being forced to try new things and do things you’ve never even thought of doing! For example, bold winged eyeliner? Who would have ever thought doing a thick blue winged liner on your eyes would be acknowledged so highly! Bold glitter too! 

         When the doors open, TAKE IT! Don’t second guess whether the product is worth it or not, because then you miss opportunities. You must take every chance you have and turn it into a success. You will see a great outcome in the end, and it will all be worth it!

        ALWAYS advertise. You must sell, sell, sell. Everything you do with the beauty product or trend is a step closer to the next. The best advice is to take as much pictures and post them! Tag the product and other popular stylist in the pictures as well. You can gain a lot of exposure! 

      Most of all, Staying popular in the fashion world doesn’t mean to avoid your own special style. You can always twist the trend around to your own preferences and make it your very own!



D.I.Y – Fur Nike Slides!




        STEP ONE: Gather all of the needed items. You can use any fur of your choice! All items can be found at your local grocery store such as Walmart EXCEPT the shoes which can be found in Nike stores or online! 











STEP TWO: You want to apply the fur into rows.FLOWERS (4)

Apply glue consistently in a straight line on the top of the slide.










                                                                                                               STEP THREE: Repeat the same pattern by applying                                                                  glue in a straight line and covering with fur until slide is completely covered to your liking! At the end of this step you can use scissors to trim fur if wanted! FLOWERS (3)



STEP FOUR: Your new fur Nike slides are finished! Enjoy!







15 Must Try Starbucks Secret Drinks!

What’s the word on the street about the secret Starbucks drink? The purple one? The pink one?

Well I got the spill for you!

 15 Must Try Starbucks Drinks!


no photo creds.

1.  BERRY CITRUS: Fill to first colds cup line with lemonade, the second cold cup line with berry refresher, and the third with lime refresher!


2.  PURPLE DRINK: Passion ice tea with soy milk, and vanilla syrup. Add blackberries too!


3. PINK DRINK: Strawberry acai refresher but instead of water add soy milk or coconut milk.


4. ORANGE DRINK: A orange mango juice, 2 scoops of vanilla bean powder, and coconut milk!


5. GREEN DRINK: order a black tea with matcha and add coconut milk!


6. BLUE DRINK: A passion iced tea and add vanilla syrup and soy milk!


7. APPLE TEA: replace the lemonade with apple juice in your Teavana Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade.


8. SUNSET REFRESHER: Lime refresher to the first line, lemonade to the second and finished off with black tea!

no photo creds.



9. PASSION TEA LEMONADE FRAPPE: order a regular passion tea lemonade and ask for it to be blended!


10. RASPBERRY MILK TEA: Iced black tea, half and half instead of water. a pump of toffee nut and raspberry syrup.


11. HONEY NUT MACCHIATO: caramel macchiato, but chestnut praline syrup instead of vanilla. Top with a hint of honey.


12. RASPBERRY CARAMEL MACCHIATO: Regular caramel macchiato but substitute raspberry syrup for vanilla!


13. STRAWBERRY SUNSET: strawberry acai to first line, water to third, orange mango drink, peach syrup, pour over ice after fizz!


14. STRAWBERRY LIMEADE: Strawberry acai to first line, lime refresher and lemonade, add ice and mix it together!


15. MANGO FRAPPE: vanilla bean frappe, one less vanilla powder scoop replaced with mango syrup!









What’s The Hype On Morphe Brushes & Palettes!

                       Morphe Palette’s & Brushes Review

             In the world of glam, I am sure you have heard the uproar about Morphe palettes and brushes. Theses palettes are GORGEOUS! The great thing about them are that they are amazing quality for a cheap price. They range from 20$-30$, and come with 35 different shades of eyeshadow.  These products while not disappoint you. They also have a good variety of brushes. They are truly AMAZING! They come in different styles which you can recognize by the tag on the brush such as, “M431” is a precision pencil crease brush. I will review the brushes more after the swatches!

Morphe 35O Palettes Shimmer (left) ,Matte (right)
The Gorgeous Jaclyn Hill Palette!




Continue reading “What’s The Hype On Morphe Brushes & Palettes!”

The 10 Best Hair Growth Tips & Tricks

                       Hair Growth Tips & Tricks

      Most of us may know the struggle of growing long healthy hair. The steps to growing your hair are vital to healthy and undamaged hair! Its important to follow the these tips & tricks for a better hair growth journey!




This is a step you CANNOT skip. The best ways to moisturizing is with leave in conditioners and deep conditioner treatments! You can do this a couple times each week. The best thing to do is to create a routine. For example, deep condition 2 times a week on Sundays and Wednesdays! This will make your routine much easier and become a habit. The best conditioners for hair growth contain biotin and other B vitamins. They are crucial for hair growth! Recommended conditioner would be biotin and collagen by the brand OGX!



  • OILS

This step can be confusing. Sometimes you hear oils are bad for your hair, and other times you hear they are great for your hair! What’s the truth? Well, many oils are non beneficial in your hair. The only oils you should put in your hair are castor oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and any vitamin B oils. Continue reading “The 10 Best Hair Growth Tips & Tricks”

Eyebrows On Fleek


Who wouldn’t want their eyebrows on fleek?

       Most of us may know the struggle of growing and maintaining killer brows! Its definitely a terrifying process. Would you rather have thin or uneven brows, or go through the process of looking like a hairy beast to have killer brows? Well, let me tell you some tips and secrets to growing out your eyebrows in the easiest and fastest way possible!

       You may know that eyebrows are the key to your face. They help structure and shape your face. For example, Brows that are closer in towards each other give your nose a smaller appearance. Wide brows give your face a wider look. Straight brows give your face a longer shape. It is important to know what kind of brow structure you are looking for before you begin the process!

      Here are some of the most important tricks and tips to growing out your killer brows!


  • Leave them alone! To go through the process of growing your brows you cannot tweeze or wax! You must let them grow through there natural course for at least 2-3 weeks! Hide your tweezers, and stay away for the waxing salons! This is the most tempting step to ignore because your realize your brows growing crazily in all ways and shapes!


  •       Within those 2-3 weeks and even after, You can add supplements to your brows to speed up the process. I highly recommend castor oil! It its very well known to conduct hair growth! You can purchase castor oil HERE!


  •    This is the longest but most important step. After waiting 2-3 weeks you’ll notice hairs growing in all directions and places. Figure out the eyebrow shape you are going for and grab your tweezers! Remember, you must go plucking crazy! You now want to tweeze the COMPLETELY unnecessary hairs. TIP: Draw the shape of the brows you want with a eyebrow pencil, and pluck all the hairs outside the shape!  


  •    Your body reflects what you put in it. Eat healthy foods to better your skin, it will help you overall. If you put trash in it, you get trash. If you put healthy in it, you get healthy! Drink a lot of water for glowing skin and it also helps promote hair growth!


  • Wait, Wait, Wait, Patiently Wait! Maybe a couple months have passed by and your ready to get your killer brows! Now is the time you get them PROFESSIONALLY waxed, threaded or plucked. It is important to do a lot of research before you let someone touch your brows. You wouldn’t want to repeat the last couple months would you?  Definitely not.


  • Be sure you ask your eyebrow professional questions and give them a lot of detail and information on how you want your brows! It may help to even show your stylist a image.



  • So now you have your dream brows! Of course they’ll last several weeks until the hair starts to grow back. Now, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pluck any hairs that grow back, but when you comes time a lot of hairs are growing back, go to your stylist again. It’ll be worth it! If you want dream brows, you must treat them like precious jewels!


   After you complete these steps and tricks you’ll have amazing results! Remember everyone has different hair growth timing! Never give up, and keep trying hard! Your brows will thank you later!