How To SLAY Black Lipstick!

How To SLAY Black Lipstick!


When you decide to be bold and do a dark lip, such as black, You have a lot of do’s and do not’s! It’s really important to know what you can and cannot do with black lipstick. You don’t want to look like a physco with 10 pounds of makeup and different colors all over your face! The key to wearing black lipstick is simplicity. You don’t want to over power something that is already so powerful! Black lipstick is bold and beautiful. It screams confidence! Below are a few tips that will guide you to the perfect SLAY:

  1. Not To Much Colors! You don’t want to do colorful eyeshadow with black lipstick unless you are trying to achieve a specific look. A natural eye with browns, and gold go great with black lipstick.

2. BLUSH! Don’t overuse the blush! You want simple cheeks or it will make a bad contrast with the dark lips! Keep it light, and use natural shades!

3. BOLD LASHES! YES! Bold lashes look BEAUTIFUL with black lipstick! It pulls the look together! Keep the eyeliner and eyeshadow light and use dramatic lashes! You won’t be disappointed with the final look.


The Youtuber Simply Shanalee shows the PERFECT demonstration of how to look gorgeous with black lipstick!

As you can tell, she keeps it very simple without using bold eyeshadow or eyeliner! It makes a big difference and black lipstick will never look better! Try these little tricks out and see what works best for you!

Here is another Youtuber Jasmine Brown! She shows a more fierce and bold way to slay black lipstick!

If you are looking for the perfect black lipsticks here are some of my favorites!

Image result for black lipstick
This is the MAC lipstick in Black Knight! 17.00$
Image result for black lipstick lime crime
Lime crime amazing lipstick in black velvet! This is liquid and it dries matte and stays on all day! 16.00$ BUY HERE
Image result for black lipstick
Buy this at your local Ulta store! Works amazing!

Threading VS Waxing?! Eyebrow: Must Know!

Threading VS Waxing?! Eyebrow: Must Know!

You may be stuck between waxing and threading your eyebrows! There is a big difference in the process between both of the procedures! Here you will learn a short and simple about the two, let’s get straight to the point!

Eyebrow threading:

      Eyebrow threading is a process using thread. It is more effective in shaping than waxing, so if you are looking for a quick and better arched eyebrows this is the best method for you. Although threading doesn’t require a licences so be careful who you let touch your brows! Do your research and find the best fit for you. Threading doesn’t use any harmful or dangerous chemicals so it is a pro to sensitive skin. Threading makes much less contact with the skin so it will not leave inflammation, redness, or swelling! This is the best quick and easy method. In order get threaded your hair has to be very noticeable, and long. It has to be long enough for the thread tow wrap around the hair. Threading typically last longer than waxing as it last up to 3-4 weeks.


     This method is usually cheaper than threading. It can be more painful depending on the sensitivity of your skin. This process uses chemicals so it can cause more pain and irritation.  This is one of the most common ways that have been around for a while! If you aren’t use to getting your eyebrows plucked then this will be the less painful way. Threading is compared to a more intense plucking feeling. This is still known as a very irritating method.

In conclusion, If you are trying to get rid of unwanted body hair than waxing is your better alternative, but when it comes to eyebrows, threading is the best choice! It has longer results, Less pain, and it doesn’t leave any pain or redness!

If you would like to learn more about growing your eyebrows, or even shaping them read more of my articles found under “tricks and tips”

Want Longer Lasting Lipstick? I GOT THE SOLUTION!

Longer Lasting Lipstick!

Don’t you hate it when as soon as you leave the house and go out your lipstick starts to fade? I know I do, So I gathered the all time best ways to make your lipstick last longer so you don’t have to worry about reapplying it 20 times! This ways are very simple and can become apart of your daily makeup routine! You will notice the difference and fall in love with the way your lipstick looks and stays on!

Tip #1:

Primer! Make sure you always prime your lips. This makes the vibrant colors show up even better and it makes all your lipstick or even lip gloss stay on way longer! It wont start to fade until hours later! It is truly a miracle! NYX has some amazing lip primers on the cheaper side and Urban Decay has an amazing working primer as well! Be sure to check it out on your next ULTA visit!


Tip #2:

Lip Liner! You MUST Line those lips! It will help the lipstick stick since it is wax based! Don’t just line the outer lip, but drag it into the inner lip as well! It will add the extra pop and it will make your lipstick look cleaner as well! It is the proper base for your lipstick and it is very cheap as well! You can find lip liners in almost every cosmetic brand and they aren’t as pricey! YAY! Below is a picture example of how to line your lips!


Image result for how to line your lips


Tip #3:

BLOT THE OIL! After you prime your lips and add a layer of lipstick, Take a blotting paper and blot the layer before adding a new layer over it. This gets ride of the excess oil and unneeded product to smooth the lips and make it last way longer due to the lack of oil!


Tip #4:

Moisturize! You don’t want chap lips and it will cause your lipstick to flake and it wont last very long at all! Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub every other week and apply chapstick before applying anything to your lips! It will cause them to be so much smoother and you will see a major difference with how long your lipstick stays on!


Tip #5:

Finishing Powder/Spray! This will make it stick and it wont fade! Use your favorite translucent powder or even your setting spray to set the lipstick in place! This is the MAJOR key! You wont be disappointed!

Essential Oil Uses, BODY & HEALTH!

Essential Oil Uses, BODY & HEALTH!

      There are so many kinds of oils, and so many uses for essential oils. They can be used for your body and your health. Most of the oils come from plants, and are completely natural and do not harm the body in any type of way. They are highly concentrated so they are often used in small amounts. They can be used to treat sickness, anxiety, and even acne! The oils can help your physical health and sickness. They also can help you mentally especially with your moods and feelings. The can be a huge stress reliever and help your anxiety out! It is definitely worth a try and a good idea to experience with because it could be your new favorite remedy!

Below are some of my favorite guides on essential oils and the links to find out more!


Great tips and recipes for using essential oils for women's health!:


101 Essential Oil Uses and Benefits -
Here is a pretty interesting infographic that features an aromatherapy – essential oils guide with a quick checklist of oils that help soothe, suppress, or even enhance emotions and such …:

Make Your Mascara Last Longer!

 Make Your Mascara Last Longer!

      Everyone hates dried out mascara! There are several tips you can use to solve this issue! It’s simple. It is also very affordable so price isn’t an issue at all! Most tricks are products found at home! This tips require very little effort as well!


  1. add 3-4 drops of saline solution to make the mascara less dry, and easier to use. It will last up to 3x longer and you can use this trick however many times you want!
  2. Avoid over “pumping” the mascara wand because this lets air into the mascara bottle and causes it to dry out way faster and gather clumps!
  3. Add Vaseline onto the wand and mix it into the mascara bottle, This will make the clumps go away and the mascara will go on smoother, It will also help avoid clumping.
  4. When in desperate need, add 1-2 drops of water. This will loosen up the solution and it will add up to 4-5 more uses until you can get the next mascara product!
  5. After every use, Double check to make sure the mascara lid is secure and closed very tightly. The more air you let in to the bottle, the faster it drys out!


My highly recommended drugstore mascara is the NYC big bold mascara. This mascara literally last me months and I don’t ever have any issues with clumps or it drying out! Its bold, and the brush works amazing to prevent any clumps from happening!

Image result for nyc big bold mascara


My top recommended Brand name mascara is the Too Faced Line. All the mascaras work amazing and do exactly what they advertise! The work well with all different types of lashes. It is definitely worth a try!

Image result for too faced mascara

Holy Grail Makeup Vanity’s!

Holy Grail Makeup Vanity’s!

     Have you ever seen one of these gorgeous vanity’s and starting dying to have one? YOU’RE NOT ALONE! The problem that occurs the most is the prices! It can be so expensive up to 300$ for just the mirror, and 300$ for just the drawers! It can cost up to 200-500$ for a vanity desk! If this is the case, You’ll run out of money trying to buy the makeup to fill the drawers!

Image result for makeup vanity

Image result for makeup vanity

Image result for makeup vanity


Here you will learn how to get a gorgeous and affordable makeup vanity! 

     – Let’s start out with the desk. I got my desk from a nice brown finish coffee table. It didn’t cost me anything because I already had it around the house. If you go to your local IKEA or even a goodwill! You can find a decent priced one! If it is brown or a different color then you want, then spray paint it!

–  Next the mirror! If you want a Hollywood style mirror you can make one for around 30-60$ instead of 300$! Below is a video on how to create this mirror done by one of my favorite youtuber! it cost 40$ for both sets of lights, and the price varies on the mirror!

-The Drawers! So you may have heard these drawers cost up to 200-300$! That’s crazy, right! I got my drawers for 32.99$ from amazon! You can purchase from HERE! I love them, and you can definitely get more if you need them!

-Now all you need is a gorgeous chair! Get a 10 stool from your local walmart and cover the seat with fur fabric! You won’t be disappointed! 

Now you have a beautiful makeup guru vanity! Fill the drawers with products and enjoy! 

The Ultimate Glow Guide!

The Ultimate Glow Guide!

    The perfect glow can be achieved easily! Below are some small tips I use for an everyday glow!

  • Hydrate: Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water. This helps your skin look more lively and gives it a natural glow!
  • moisturizer: Lock in moisture will your favorite moisturizer. I use Jergen’s Glow series! It works so good and really gives a vibrant effect. It will definitely brighten your skin and keep it from looking dull. You can also use this all over your body and not just your face!
  • Prevent acne: I use my acne facial wipes and a face wash daily. It’s used to prevent breakouts ahead of time. The brand I have been using for a year now is OXY. It works so well with my skin, and it doesn’t make me breakout!
  • Old Dark Marks: I use a dark spot correction called, “Porcelana” This helps brighten my skin and gets rid of dark spots.
  • Exfoliate: This is the key to not having dull skin and having an amazing glow! It gets rid of the top layer of dead skin cells! I use exfoliating wipes and every other week I use a facial mask!


These are the top 5 tips I use to keep an everyday glow! BUT… There is a quick simple way to get an amazing glow in just 3 seconds! I use my personal favorite highlighters! There are so many and all types! Find the perfect on for you and brighten up!

Applying False Lashes Underneath Real Lashes? YAY OR NAH?!

   Applying False Lashes Underneath Real Lashes? YAY OR NAH?!


It has been trending all over social media! If you haven’t heard this video of a technique went viral! A MUA applied her false lashes under her real lashes for a beautiful more natural look! It indeed seems hard, but it is possible! It makes the lashes band disappear and look like they are your real lashes! It is so amazing and a smart technique. The only trouble is keeping the glue out your eyes! To prevent glue from burning and hurting your eye, let it dry 15 seconds more than usually. This will let the glue get more tacky and they wont slip and slide! Another tip is to trim the lashes into 2-3 pieces! This will give them a more perfect fit to the curve of your eye. It will also help the ends from sticking up. Below are some of my personal favorite MUAs trying this technique! You can get a taste on whether this technique is worth a try!