Coastal Scents: SUPER AFFORDABLE MAKEUP! Review!

Coastal Scents: SUPER AFFORDABLE MAKEUP! Review!

I’ve recently came across this amazing website with super affordable products at a great quality. It is amazing how cheap these products are but they work as if they are a super high-end and expensive brand! Coastal scent is one of the best discovery any makeup addict can come across! I love this store and it never lets me down! Coastal scent has a great variety of products. It has all the eye products from primer, liner, mascara, glitter and more! It has super pigmented eyeshadow palettes, and pots. I love these palettes because the colors are so bright and vibrant. They also have brushes, face, and lip products! Literally, Anything you can dream of! You won’t be disappointed! Reminder, This site is completely trustworthy and is an google verified and trusted store! No scams! Start shopping HERE!

P.S. Cyber Monday, Nov. 28, 2016 is 50% SITEWIDE! 

One of the hot topics are the eyeshadow pots for sale for only .98 Cents, They are regularly 1.95! They have such a wide variety of colors. You can choose all the way from warm neutral colors to the bold colorful shades.

Here are some eyeshadow pots put together by Julia Sallure!

coastal-scents-and-more-125 coastal-scents-and-more-124Image result for coastal scents pots

These are some swatches on The Beauty Milk Blog. They show you how pigmented each and every pot happens to be! It is amazing! At that cheap price, You can’t go wrong.

Image result for coastal scents hot pots swatches





I find the Coastal Scents brushes to be very soft and shed free! They work just like my Real Technique and Morphe Brushes. They sell for an amazing price ranging around as low as 4 dollars for a set up to 20$! You may also purchase individual brushes! The brushes have a long life span, and can last several years depending on how often you cleanse the brushes.

Here is a great In-Depth Youtube review on the brushes by Chrisspy!





Coastal scents will always have you shook with the natural product section! You can get oils, butters, and soaps for amazing deals. They range at around 4.98 for big bottles! It will last you months! I would not give up this awesome deal! The products are completely natural and consist of a pure formula. Don’t forget to try the black soap! If you haven’t heard of it by now, It works like magic! It helps acne, and bad skin!




Tarte Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Swatches!

Tarte Eyeshadow Palette: (Amazonian Clay Matte Palette, Tartelette) Review & Swatches!


Have you been on the search for that perfect matte eyeshadow palette? I promise the search is over! This Tarte palette is the ultimate matte palette. It is filled with neutral shades that go perfect with any and ever look! This palette is overall perfect. If you’ve never heard of Tarte cosmetic is it by far on of the best high end brands. The quality is amazing and it worth every buck you pay! Tarte products are safe use for the skin and are made without, parabens, sulfate, and gluten, and the brand is completely cruelty-free! You will never doubt getting a bang for your buck at Tarte cosmetics.


Image result for amazonian clay tarte palette

The Amazonian Clay Matte Palette is so classy and chic with the gold shiny interior. It also comes with a huge clear mirror! The quality of the mirror itself is shocking! It is one of my favorite features of this palette. The exterior design is also very gorgeous. I personally love products that are packaged well and I am 10 times more vulnerable to buy products with a beautiful design! The palette is very pigmented and it actually goes on completely matte! Use a eyeshadow base if you’re looking for a vibrant matte. With matte eyeshadow you can settle for any type of look. You can do a bold lipstick, or even pull your hair back in a sloppy bun with sweatpants. It looks way more natural then any shimmer eyeshadows.



This is the first column. These 4 shades are a great combo. I love how vibrant the shades are. I would personally use these shades for a smokey eye! The colors from left to right are, “Free spirit, force of nature, dreamer, and multi-tasker.”



This is the second column. These shades have a bit more color to them. They all have a hint of purple or pink. Caregiver, The first shade, is a light pink! It is absolutely gorgeous! The next three shades are, “natural beauty, best friend, and bombshell.” OMG! Bombshell is stunning! It is a dark purple shade with a hint of brown! I love it!



This is the last column. You would be surprised how vibrant these shades are. I love the bold color, “fashionista.” I would defintely use “super mom” as a inner corner! The colors from left to right are, “super mom, wanderer, power player, and fashionista.”


Here is a great review by TrinaDuhra on youtube!

 These are the swatches on a light skin tone, as the ones shown above are on my medium/tan skin tone. Image result for amazonian clay tarte palette swatches



I hope you enjoyed this review! Purchase The Palette Now HERE! 



D.I.Y. GORGEOUS Beauty Wall Art! Vanity Decor!

D.I.Y. GORGEOUS Beauty Wall Art! Vanity Decor!

  This is a gorgeous D.I.Y. I achieved to make my vanity even better! I put these around my vanity mirror and it looks amazing! This D.I.Y. is very simple and only takes 5 minutes at the most! It is so affordable it ranges from free-2.00$! You won’t be disappointed with this easy “do it yourself!”


  • Cardstock Printer Paper!
  • Printer
  • Picture Frame (However many you want to!)
  • Glitter

  You can either print off a cute design or quotes or you can do these lovely beauty arts listed below! The design you print off can be made personally by CANVA! Or you can visit these listed sites below and find the cutest designs that fit you best!


3D eyelashes!

Buy 3-5 new eyelashes because they already have a natural curve and of course they are clean! Add 2 drops of clear adhesive to the card stock and apply the lashes. You can even use your favorite eyelash glue! This makes it way more convenient. After this step, You can personalize it however you want by adding cute quotes or even glitter!


Grab all your favorite lipsticks and a piece of card stock. Simply press your lips against the card stock and make your favorite shades visible! A fun thing to do would to be to add glitter on your lips before you press your lips against the card stock to make it glitter lip pouts!


Swipe your favorite swatches in a line on the card stock. You can do color themed or all your favorite lipsticks again! Throw some glitter and quotes on it if you want a more personalized look! Simple!


Below are the simple steps to this EASY project!

Print off all of your favorite designs that you want!

Next trim them down to the correct size of the picture frame.




Insert in the picture frames, you can add glitter or sequins if you’d like! I added sparkle sheets behind the lips to give it a special effect!





I hope you enjoy this VERY simple D.I.Y. and it is perfect if you’re looking for something to spice up your vanity or work desk!

Kylie Cosmetics Christmas Goodies! AMAZING Stocking Stuffers!

Kylie Cosmetics Christmas Goodies! AMAZING Stocking Stuffers!


The limited edition goodies launch November 21st, 2016. Kylie Jenner has decided to launch some new gorgeous shades and an even better gloss formula to improve the lip glosses! She’s also releasing Makeup brushes! The lip products now have silver drips instead of the original gold! Have you seen the new gorgeous red shades? They are perfect for the season.

Image result for kylie cosmetics christmasRelated image

They also come as ornaments for a cute surprise on Christmas morning!


She also had more variety of shades for the holiday season including a perfect pink/rose color. Image result for kylie cosmetics christmas


If you order on black Friday, Your purchase comes with the cutest Kylie cosmetics stockings! Perfect for Christmas presents or even stocking stuffers!

Image result for kylie cosmetics christmas

Don’t forget about the brand new makeup brushes and Kyshadow palette! The Kyshadow palette is by far my personal favorite and comes with the perfect colors for the season. They are great quality and you’ll have no worries about pigmentation! Look at the swatches Kylie put on her snapchat story! Can you imagine how many great looks you can make with this palette!Image result for kylie cosmetics christmasImage result for kylie cosmetics christmas

Not only did she come out with a new Kyshadow palette but three new liners as well!

Merry and bright: All of the products in the line, including the three cream eyeshadows above, are formulated with real diamond dust 

               The makeup brushes have never been released so no reviews have been created on them but everyone sure is waiting to purchase them and test them out! It’s a five piece set, and the price has not been announced yet. It will be a shock how much improvement Kylie’s cosmetics has made before the end of the year. The Christma’s goodies are an amazing comeback!

New product alert: Kylie's first foray into make-up brushes - a five-piece set - rounds out the collection

NYX Contour Palette Review: SLAY ALL DAY!

When you don’t feel like you need to spend 40 dollars on the Anastasia contour kit, and you need to find a cheaper product that works just as good, go brand searching! There are so many more alternatives at a cheaper price. The most common worry about using a drugstore product or a brand that isn’t one of the top brands, is the quality of the product. This isn’t necessarily a problem, because a lot of drugstore products are just as good, if not better.

I went on a cosmetic search for a better  alternative for my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit, and came across the NYX contour kit. My personal favorite is the powder because my skin is already oily so I don’t need any liquid contour! I highly recommend using this strategy if you don’t prime or set your face with a matifying powder/spray!

The NYX contour palette has 8 shades. In the top row, It comes with a matte white color, a highlighting powder in white, a cream matte powder, and a highlighting beige powder. I love the top row for the highlighting parts of my face. I use the first three for above my cheek bones.

Image result for nyx contour palette


The bottom row consist of most of the dark contour, it comes with 4 various shades of browns. One is very caramel like, and has a special bronze! I love it. The next two are more ash browns. These would be great if you don’t want to warm up your cheek bones too much or if you’re applying blush. The last brown is the darkest. It’s bold and lovely on the cheekbones.

This is definitely a cheaper alternative for the ABH contour kit which retails at 40$. You can purchase this product for 19.99$. Buy it now for a great price, CLICK HERE! 



How To Get Blog Traffic!Top Blogging MUST Knows! Get Thousands Of Visitors!

I started my blog at the start of August in 2016. It has now been about 3 months. It has taken a lot of dedication and determination. Starting a blog happens to be way more than just posting articles! You have to put in a TON of hours every week! I previously posted this article about how to increase your blog traffic

These tips and tricks have helped me increase my daily views by several hundred! For the first 5-6 weeks, I would only get an average of 50 views a day! The next two weeks after that I focused more on social media instead of posting so much. It increased by HUNDREDS! It still increases to this day, because I put a lot of work into connecting with the people in love with my niche, beauty.

If you read every article on how to help your blog out, you’re gonna read a lot about Pinterest. I have added tailwind to my Pinterest and updated to a business account. (Follow me here!) This has helped tremendously and I know can see my analytics from Pinterest. You can also promote your pins to drive in hundred of visitors and repins! This is honestly where you have to invest most of your time in if you’re looking for traffic! You’ll increase by at least 300% if you work hard enough! I spent 4 nights in a row sending out at LEAST 15 emails to join group collab. boards above 10k followers! This is help so much, and you will gain tons of exposure!

Facebook groups have helped me out a lot as well. I’ve joined over 50! Find some that fit your niche and post away! This is my second main source of views and traffic. I just recently started working on Facebook two weeks ago. I log on everyday and add my link as many times as I can! Give it a try! You can also promote your website with ads!

While on Facebook, I am across one of the most AMAZING platforms for growing your blog traffic. StumbleUpon! You can share your link along with others! I went somewhat viral and had 853 views over a couple of hours! Then, it continued to blow up my traffic! The secret to StumbleUpon is to not overload with your SAME link to your website! You want to add as many other links as possible and continuously like at least 30-50 stumbles a day. 



It’s as simple as visiting! Write a simple but very handy blog post about! It’d be best if your write it in a article just like this one! It actually works too! You won’t be disappointed! I love this website and all the reviews I have read on it! Try it NOW!

The Top Uses For Coconut Oil!

The Top Uses For Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil is best unprocessed/virgin/raw. It works like magic, and has so many benefits from hair and even skin. You will never be disappointed when using this product in any recipe.



Coconut oil has thousands of uses in the hair. It also has thousands of results. It makes it softer, healthier, shiny, and even stronger. One of my personal favorite uses is a coconut oil hair mask.


1/4 cup of coconut oil.

1 avocado.


You simply heat up the coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl, and mix in the avocado! Apply and leave on as long as you desire! You can even use just coconut oil and apply a shower cap overnight to moisturize all night. It works wonders! You’ll be wanting to do this mask everynight! But don’t!!!!! You hair wouldn’t approve of looking oily 24/7.


Another good use for hair is a simple scalp massage. This will help prevent and get rid of any dandruff or a dry scalp. Heat it up in a bowl, or use it will its hard and rub your fingers in circle motions to move it all around the scalp.

TRICK: This also stimulates hair growth if you flip your head upside down and run your scalp in circle motions. It causes blood flow to the scalp. Try it for one week, once a month! Trust me, It works!

Tired of Frizz? Smooth coconut oil over the ends of your hair in an even small amount. It will lay it down smoothly, and cause the frizz to disappear!




Ever have trouble shaving with regular shaving cream? Use coconut oil as a shaving balm. It smooths and softens while you shave and also works amazing! You wont have no stubble and it will be glowing!

Night cream! Mix with a moisturizer. You will notice a huge difference and wont be disappointed! You’ll wake up with a special glow, and softer skin.

It also helps care for your cuticles!

Do you get really bad sun burn? USE COCONUT OIL! YES! It will soothe the burn and cause relief to the pain!




When your missing your chapstick and need a quick and perfect solution, always go to coconut oil. It will moisture amazingly and leave you in shock! You’ll never go back to chapstick again!

Running low on makeup remover? Apply to a cotton ball and sweep away all that makeup! It makes your skin smooth while you take off all the dirt and makeup! Great alternative, especially when your makeup wipes are causing you to break out.

Don’t have that special highlighter with you? Believe it or not, sweep the smallest amount over your cheekbone and you will be glowing for the rest of the day. Try this out!

Body scrubs work amazing.


Any 3-5 Drops of essential oil

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup coconut oil

Mix, over heat, then remove and enjoy!

I found this amazing guide on pinterest by organic codes!

30 Everyday uses of coconut oil - organic codes:

Morphe Palette 35C: Review & Swatches!

Morphe Palette 35C: Review & Swatches!


As you may already know, Morphe is one of the best eyeshadow brands that has surfaced in the beauty world. They are known for their great pigmentation and the variety of colors. Not only do they have good eyeshadow, but also brushes, highlighter and contour! Today I will be reviewing the Morphe 35C palette.


    I love this palette because it is very pigmented and is great for colorful looks. I use it a majority of the time that I use colored eyeshadow. The palette is 19.99 if you purchase from here! You won’t be disappointed!

Here is an over view of how the palette looks:

Image result for morphe 35c


The first column consist of neutral shades such as browns, tans, blacks, and even a perfect grey. I personally love the grey shade because its so pigmented and comes out perfect on my skin tone!


The second column has orange and nude shades. They give the perfect warm eyeshadow look. I love this column for transitioning shades or even just a simple look!


The third column is filled with greens and blue shades. This row has the most beautiful teal and violet shade! I am obsessed with it! I typically use this row on my bottom lash line to add color to any look!


The fourth column consist of pinks and reds! You will fall in love with the pigmentation alone! It gives the perfect glam vibe! It won’t let you down!


The fifth and last column has yellows, creams, and 3 purple shades! I love to put the lighter shades in my inner corners for a more vibrant and poppin’ eyeshadow appeal! Try it out!


Lip Pencil Guide & How To Outline Lips!

Lip Pencil Guide & How To Outline Lips!

Don’t you get annoyed when your lipstick doesn’t sit right? I know I do! Who wouldn’t love a clean, crisp look! Lip liner plays a big part in your lipstick. It can help it stay on longer and it can also define your lips. This past summer had a huge trend of over lining your lips. This makes them appear larger and more filled. The hard part is to make it look natural. Lip liner is a lot like eyeshadow. You have to blend it and make sure its even. You want to refrain from overpowering!

A major tip of using lip liner is to make sure it is one shade darker than the lipstick you are using. This makes it blend and look natural. You never want to go lighter!

Lip liners work best when you use automatic pencils. The others get dull when you have to continuously shave them and they also don’t go on well. In my opinion, It is way better to use automatic because they go on so easy, and smooth. The also aren’t harsh on your lips and the skin surrounding your lips.

If you decide to go for a natural look then use a nude lip liner and pull in all the way through your lips and coat with a perfect lip gloss! This look will be gorgeous!

  When outlining your lips, you want to pull the liner all the way in instead of just doing a thin line around your lips. Below is a perfect diagram of where to outline!

Image result for lip outline tutorialImage result for lip outline tutorial


Wanna know my all time favorite lip liners that are SUPER affordable? You can purchase them all here!