Beauty Is Forever: 10 MAJOR Tips & Tricks

Beauty Is Forever: 10 MAJOR Tips & Tricks

Beauty Is Forever: 10 MAJOR Tips & Tricks


          Have you been searching nonstop for the perfect tips to better your everyday makeup routine? You’ve finally found the TOP 10! I will be sharing the best of the best tips on beauty. When you learn to master these you will be set! These tips are professionally used and known to work and have great results! 



Tip #1:   Wise words from Beyonce once said, “A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. Other than that, the most valuable tip I’ve learned is always use a skin moisturizer.” 

     I couldn’t say it any better. Skin moisturizing is the all time key to glowing and healthy skin. It can also help with acne if you find the perfect skin moisturizer for your skin type. One of the best moisturizers known in the beauty word is, “Philosophy hope in a jar.” You can find this product in sephora or ulta. Another good moisturizer that can be found at your local walmart is the Neutrogenia brand. It’s great for dealing with acne and oily based skin.



Tip #2: Hydrate or suffer.

     It truly is the key. SERIOUSLY! Drink bottles upon bottles each day. You can even set goals to achieve by a certain time each day. Water is good for the skin and also growing nails. It strengthens your hair and helps your skin glow naturally. You may hear this tip often but it is very helpful. Water also helps medically such as headaches and cramping. 




Tip#3: Wash your face EVERYDAY! 

    I cannot stress it enough how important it is to wash your face and clean your pores. When you clean your face your pores get rid of dirt and oil that is unnecessary. It also helps clean away all the old make up. This can help clear your face up and get rid of acne. 



Tip #4: Bye Bye makeup sponges! 

     Use a foundation brush instead. Sponges tend to suck up and absorb more makeup then you actually apply. You spend way more money because your constantly using up all your foundation and having to buy new sponges. 



Tip #5: old fashion toothpaste for zits!

  It truly works. If you pop your zits it leaves scars, instead apply toothpaste and it will shrink and dry the pimple! 



Tip #6: lotion as makeup remover? YES! 

 Lotion works just as good to remove makeup and it even gets all the mascara. 



Tip #7: conditioner is key! 

 Deep condition your hair for softer hair and it even locks in color after you dye it. Conditioner can also be used when you run out of shaving cream for great results!



Tip #8: exfoliate is a must!

  It removes the top layer of dead cells that cover your layer of bright and perfected skin. You will see a huge different and you’ll no longer look dull!



Tip #9: clean your makeup brushes! 

   You will see such a big difference with better radiant products and it can prevent skin rashes and breakouts. It smoothes your makeup and removes bacteria.





It’s the most gorgeous thing you can every put on. 

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