BH Cosmetics Palette Review + Swatches! WOW!

BH Cosmetics Palette Review + Swatches! WOW!

BH Cosmetics Palette Review + Swatches!

   OMG! Have you seen this palette girl? Let me tell you! It is amazing! With the amazing pigmentation, and the variety of poppin’ colors, this palette is perfect for creating 100’s of amazing looks. I highly recommend the 88 colors “cool shimmer” palette. It’s so useful, and perfect for a quick easy pop of color or even a extra inner corner eye shimmer. I absolutely love it. It’s also very affordable at the price of 11.00$! WHAT? yes! ONLY 11.00$. 



88 Colors (1)


Below you will be seeing all 88 swatches! The swatches are organized from top to bottom by columns! I’m sure you will fall in love with the amazing pigmentation and the glow!



This is column 1! It is gorgeous! The colors are bright and so fun to play with! I love using the bottom color under my water line for a bright POP! Below is a video of how pigmented the colors are!

and more…



 This Column has shimmer colors that are so appealing!

From the bright pinks to the oranges! It’s a bright column!

Column 3: Consist of pinks and purple shades.


It glowing so bright, and has the perfect colors for a great pink looks!



Column 4:

The perfect purples and dark blues.




                                      Column 5:

Who doesn’t love a true brown? This palette has 10! 


Column 6:

Greens, Greens, and…Wait…MORE GREENS!




Column 7:

Wait, Didn’t I tell you there were more greens? YES! All shades.


 Column 8:

The perfect blues, I love this entire column. It has the most gorgeous shades of blue! You’ll fall in love.

13932218_1232624486768335_1493523604_o (1)

Column 9:

Words cant even begin to explain the colors!


Column 10:

This is my go-to row. All the colors are AMAZING! I love from the gold to the browns!



It’s the perfect warm and dark toned colors. Great for cut creases and even smokey eyes. 


I HOPE YOU ENJOYED! I highly recommend this palette. It is one of my favorite affordable palettes.

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