Coastal Scents: SUPER AFFORDABLE MAKEUP! Review!

Coastal Scents: SUPER AFFORDABLE MAKEUP! Review!

I’ve recently came across this amazing website with super affordable products at a great quality. It is amazing how cheap these products are but they work as if they are a super high-end and expensive brand! Coastal scent is one of the best discovery any makeup addict can come across! I love this store and it never lets me down! Coastal scent has a great variety of products. It has all the eye products from primer, liner, mascara, glitter and more! It has super pigmented eyeshadow palettes, and pots. I love these palettes because the colors are so bright and vibrant. They also have brushes, face, and lip products! Literally, Anything you can dream of! You won’t be disappointed! Reminder, This site is completely trustworthy and is an google verified and trusted store! No scams! Start shopping HERE!

P.S. Cyber Monday, Nov. 28, 2016 is 50% SITEWIDE! 

One of the hot topics are the eyeshadow pots for sale for only .98 Cents, They are regularly 1.95! They have such a wide variety of colors. You can choose all the way from warm neutral colors to the bold colorful shades.

Here are some eyeshadow pots put together by Julia Sallure!

coastal-scents-and-more-125 coastal-scents-and-more-124Image result for coastal scents pots

These are some swatches on The Beauty Milk Blog. They show you how pigmented each and every pot happens to be! It is amazing! At that cheap price, You can’t go wrong.

Image result for coastal scents hot pots swatches





I find the Coastal Scents brushes to be very soft and shed free! They work just like my Real Technique and Morphe Brushes. They sell for an amazing price ranging around as low as 4 dollars for a set up to 20$! You may also purchase individual brushes! The brushes have a long life span, and can last several years depending on how often you cleanse the brushes.

Here is a great In-Depth Youtube review on the brushes by Chrisspy!





Coastal scents will always have you shook with the natural product section! You can get oils, butters, and soaps for amazing deals. They range at around 4.98 for big bottles! It will last you months! I would not give up this awesome deal! The products are completely natural and consist of a pure formula. Don’t forget to try the black soap! If you haven’t heard of it by now, It works like magic! It helps acne, and bad skin!




67 Replies to “Coastal Scents: SUPER AFFORDABLE MAKEUP! Review!”

  1. Wow! They have amazing shades and they’re definitely worth checking out! I love the fact that they’re affordable. I’m sure my daughters would love this!

  2. There are some really pretty colors. And who doesn’t love to save money on beauty products! Will definitely be looking into this make-up.

  3. I recently discovered Coastal Scents myself and I love their hot pots 🙂 I haven’t tried their mascara, primer and others but if they are anything like their hot pots I can’t wait to check them out. I’m glad they worked out for you, I love the crazy pigmentation it’s works well with any skin tone and I appreciate that.

  4. I have heard of Coastal Scents, but I’ve never actually used them.
    It’s hard to find a low price palette or pans that actually work like this brand.
    Thank you so much for sharing–I will be looking into these the next time I need a palette.

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