2017 Skin care routine that will have you going CRAZY!

2017 Skin care routine that will have you going CRAZY!

The 2017 Skin Care Routine That Will Have You Going Crazy!

Skin care is so important! A lot of people have been spending months fighting against blemishes and acne that keeps reappearing. End the battle with this killer skin care routine.


Wash day! Use all your favorite cleaners that works best on your skin, and wash away all the dirt and oil. This is the best way to start the week with a clean face. Remember, you don’t want to use facial acne products everyday. Somedays you want to give your skin a breather. Let it relax and don’t put too much scrubbing on your face.


EXFOLIATE! I can not explain to you how important this day is. You get rid of all the dead skin. It will brighten and get rid of the dull skin. You can create your own exfoliator as well. Checkout my DIY honey-vanilla brown sugar scrub! This is a perfect product you can use as an exfoliator and it’s cost little to nothing! It will also leave your face glowing and smelling good with no harm to your skin.
A great way to help you exfoliate is to use a spin brush.


Moisturizer, after the harshness of exfoliating, you should always moisturize. This keeps your skin looking hydrated and prevents dryness and any redness.


Acne pads/creams. This is the day you use your best products to get rid of all that acne and blemishes. You do not want to skip this day, especially if you break out a lot. Your skin will get into the habit of this routine as well.


This is my favorite day, FACE MASK FRIDAY! Why is this my favorite day? You can create your own face mask or you can buy one! I love creating my own face mask because this way I know it’s all natural products that don’t cause any harm.


Toners! Ready to clean those pores out? Yes! A toner is just the thing you’re looking for if you want to remove all dirt, grime, and oil. Toners are like rejuvenators and make your skin feel fresh and clean! They will clean out you’re pores and make your skin brighter! The thing I personally love the most about toners is that they leave a soothing feeling on my skin. Most toners contain lemons, which are really good for your skin.


Rest day. You’ve been using so much products on your face throughout the week that your skin needs a quick break. Let it naturally do what it’s job is on Sundays before you repeat the routine on Monday!

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