Drugstore vs High-End Makeup! Things No One Tells You!

Drugstore vs High-End Makeup! Things No One Tells You!

   “ That’s one thing I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.” – Beyonce

       Makeup comes in all different brands and ingredients, and even shades. It is structured to empower and brighten your features. The most commonly asked question is, “What brand should I use?” Let’s think about it, You wouldn’t want to pay sixty dollars for a product that has no pigmentation and makes your face breakout. You would, However, want to pay sixty dollars for the product that lifts and brightens, and is full of pigment. The only problem is, Not all high-end brands have good products that are worth it. Drugstore products can sometimes top out the quality of a high-end product.

        The highest end of drugstore products are NYX and Milani. Nyx has a great word in the beauty community. It speaks for itself when you give each palette a swatch or by witnessing how long the lip products last! Milani has great face products, but lately, L’Oreal came out with infallible, the best drugstore foundation. The difference between the dupes of the high-end brands against the drugstore products are very similar in some cases. For example, The MAC lipstick “Ruby woo” has a drugstore dupe by NYX called “perfect red.” The only problem is, do you splurge or save? Mac lipstick last longer and has a high quality formula. NYX is one of the highest end of drugstore products you will ever come across. In fact, I would choose a NYX nude liquid lippie over all the high-end brands. You can get a three for 47 dollars compared to one for 25 dollars.   If you’re looking to splurge and get the best products that you know will work then go to Sephora which is filled with amazing products! Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Becca, MAC, and even Tarte.

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      I would definitely suggest using a high-end product if you’re scared of taking risk. 99 percent of the time high quality products are gonna do exactly what they say. It is really rare to come across a high-end product that completely lets everyone down. Essentially, If you are a beginner in the makeup world, I highly suggest starting with drugstore products so you don’t waste money and products. I would begin purchasing high quality products when you get the hand of the makeup world, and what is best for you or even your clients. This is the smartest choice financially because makeup can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars! If you take a walk into Sephora most products will average around 40-60 dollars. If you walk into your local drugstore the highest you’ll see is around 15 dollars! This is a major difference and you must be smart while making this kind of investment because you cannot return used makeup products!

     The brand that is making a killing on the market right now is Anastasia beverly hills, due to the explosion of glow kits! They are by far some of the best highlighters you’ll come across! In this case, I would splurge instead of saving. Although, there are hundreds of highlighters that work just as good for cheaper. This is when you decide whether to stick with the high-end products or the drugstore products. The highlighter might work just as good but it’s not guaranteed to stay on all day, or to be as blendable as the Anastasia glow kit.

       The ultimate difference between drugstore and high-end products all come down to the formula. The formula is the most important thing about any product. It determines whether it actually works and if it’s even good for your skin. The ingredients in high-end products are often better than drugstore. High end products contain minerals and often avoid acids.

   Another major difference between high-end products and drugstore products are the level of pigmentation of each product. For example, A Morphe palette as 3 times the pigmentation as a wet n wild palette from the drugstore. This is what determines whether it is even worth buying a product. When a MUA goes to sephora you will often see swatches of products all over the arms. This is how you match a color and see the pigmentation the product gives from a simple swipe. If you swipe the Laura Mercier highlighter in spellbound against the Becca highlighter in champagne pop they will look somewhat similar because they are both bright and vivid. If you were to swatch becca Champagne pop against a ELF highlighter, The results will show that ELF is nowhere near as pigmented and vivid as the Becca highlighter.  


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      If you’re looking to know what consist in a good drugstore product I highly suggest to visit a local CVS or ulta and look through the NYX cosmetics products. This is the best drugstore brand you will more than likely ever come across. It is amazing! NYX has a ton of variety and different products. It’s also very consistent with the skin tone varieties. You will never be let down with the results of this brand and its products. It has every lip product and color you can imagine! They also work as if they are high-end products. In my views, This is a high end product at a drugstore price!

      When it comes to debating which product is best out of two high-end products it always depends on two variables. Pigmentation and how long the product last. One of the hardest decisions in the high-end product world is finding the right lipstick. There are so many different types and brands. I would choose A Tarte lip paint over a ABH matte liquid lipstick due to the strength and the lightweight feeling, but they both are high-end quality brands. This is when it comes to personal preferences.

       You can always tell a big difference between an high quality product and a low quality product. It’s difference is huge! When you use the all time best duo of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer with the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade, You’ll get the best results. It will be way better than using a drugstore brow pomade with the Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer. The products are meant to be a strong combination with perfect results. You have to watch out for the combination of products you use when you mix drugstore and high-end brands together. Not all products work together, and they won’t give you the results you’ve hoped for! This is a big aspect of realizing what to prime your face or eyeshadow with.  Don’t mix two very different and opposing primers together, For example, Don’t mix a dewy primer with another matte primer! It will do no good!

       When it comes to comparing the high-end brands alone, It can be a tough decision. All the brands have certain products they specialize in that is better than the next product. Tarte has some of the best pigmented eyeshadows that will never fail you! Tarte’s highlighters however, aren’t as pigments as the eyeshadows so Becca and Laura Mercier have the better highlighters. As we all already know, Anastasia will always have the perfect and best brow products! In conclusion, Not all high-end products have the best products in things other than the product they specialize in.

       You may wonder why high-end products cost significantly more than a drugstore products. This is not just based on how the products work. It is highly based off the popularity of a product. Some brands are overrated, but are so expensive because of the popularity behind the name. This is why not all high-end products are better than the drugstore products. Test out every products and compare them in order to truly realize the results a product will give you. Don’t be fooled by the brand name of a product.

       There are plenty of small LLC cosmetic business that have killer products! In my personal opinion a lot of them are even better than high-end name brands! These products are usually handmade and built from pigments and binders! They are tested to be just as safe as any other typical product and they also have all natural and organic ingredients. Nothing is processed inside the items, and a hugh majority of the brands are vegan and cruelty free! This is a big plus! These companies are typically very affordable as well. A few of my favorites are Bahi Cosmetics, HK Cosmetics LLC, Glitter Injections CO, and Shanzi Cosmo. These are great small business, but you have to keep in mind they usually have longer processing times due to the handmade items. When you purchase from brands like these they will take longer to arrive and you’ll also have to risk the chance of receiving a perfect condition item through the mail. Other than those factors, I highly recommend trying out a small cosmetic business! They continuously grow and get better. They typically are underrated due to less exposure but it can be very easy to find good small business especially on twitter. This is the main source they use for growth, and they are always certified. Although they are not considered drugstore, they are also not considered high-end. If you happen to be stuck between buying a drugstore or an high-end product then give it a try! It will definitely be worth it.

           My favorite part of the constant battle between high-end and drugstore is the fact that there is always a dupe for every product. The dupe itself can typically be way more affordable and even work just as good as the original product. It is very easy to find good dupes, especially when it comes to lipsticks. There are so many brands and different colors but a lot of them are very similar and some are way more expensive. For example, stayglam.com has millions of dupes for less. The article states, “The women have a tendency to fall in love with a lipstick that is to expensive for their pocket.” (Melisa Geyer, 2015) This is true. The 14.00 dollars MAC lipstick in velvet teddy has a perfect dupe for 1.97$ in Revlon, “mauve it over.”  You can also get the 26.00 dollars Estee Lauder pure color envy lipstick in “desirable” for 3.80$! That is a huge difference in price! You just saved 26.20$, and it is definitely worth saving every penny! This is a perfect prime example of when to splurge and when to save! Who wouldn’t want to pay for the lower price? Just be sure to check if the product is pigmented and long-lasting!


This video by an amazing youtuber, shows the true difference between spending 510$ on high-end products and 136$ on drugstore items.


    In conclusion, drugstore products can be just as good as high-end products. Homemade cosmetics can be even better than high-end products. The reputation of a product usually stands behind the popularity of the name of the product! Don’t be fooled in the makeup industry, and never splurge hundreds of dollars when you can find dupes or underrated cosmetics that are way better replacements for an expensive item. Overall, The makeup industry is hard to get into and truly understand. It takes a lot of money and experience. Products can be very overrated and so can brands. Not all high-end brands are top dollar or worth a bang for your buck. Makeup comes in all different brands, shapes, and prices. Be careful what you invest in!

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