LUMEE: The Selfie Case Review!

LUMEE: The Selfie Case Review!

LUMEE: The Selfie Case Review!

        I’m sure you have heard about the upcoming selfie case! Well it works just as good as it sounds. The Lumee selfie case has three different settings. Bright, low, and flashing. The case can light up a dark room with just one click. It has a blend in button on the back of the case. It has a variety of colors you can purchase it in! From rose gold, black, grey, pink, and gold! It’s very cute and trendy! I love my Lumee case especially when looking for the perfect lighting for a selfie, or even a flashlight! It’s that bright! 

                                    This is the gold colored case! This video was taken in a dark room so you can see how bright it truly is! The Lumee case is ran on a internal battery that you charge with a charger for Samsung/Androids. It usually comes with one when you purchase the case. It charges VERY fast and last days even up to a week depending on how much you use it! The next video will show you the settings of the lights on the case and you case see the overall case.


 I recommend this case for anyone interested! I HIGHLY recommend to purchase the REAL case, not the duplicates! It’s worth the extra money!

Here is a great link to purchase from below:


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