Morphe Palette 35C: Review & Swatches!

Morphe Palette 35C: Review & Swatches!

Morphe Palette 35C: Review & Swatches!


As you may already know, Morphe is one of the best eyeshadow brands that has surfaced in the beauty world. They are known for their great pigmentation and the variety of colors. Not only do they have good eyeshadow, but also brushes, highlighter and contour! Today I will be reviewing the Morphe 35C palette.


    I love this palette because it is very pigmented and is great for colorful looks. I use it a majority of the time that I use colored eyeshadow. The palette is 19.99 if you purchase from here! You won’t be disappointed!

Here is an over view of how the palette looks:

Image result for morphe 35c


The first column consist of neutral shades such as browns, tans, blacks, and even a perfect grey. I personally love the grey shade because its so pigmented and comes out perfect on my skin tone!


The second column has orange and nude shades. They give the perfect warm eyeshadow look. I love this column for transitioning shades or even just a simple look!


The third column is filled with greens and blue shades. This row has the most beautiful teal and violet shade! I am obsessed with it! I typically use this row on my bottom lash line to add color to any look!


The fourth column consist of pinks and reds! You will fall in love with the pigmentation alone! It gives the perfect glam vibe! It won’t let you down!


The fifth and last column has yellows, creams, and 3 purple shades! I love to put the lighter shades in my inner corners for a more vibrant and poppin’ eyeshadow appeal! Try it out!


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