NYX Contour Palette Review: SLAY ALL DAY!

NYX Contour Palette Review: SLAY ALL DAY!

When you don’t feel like you need to spend 40 dollars on the Anastasia contour kit, and you need to find a cheaper product that works just as good, go brand searching! There are so many more alternatives at a cheaper price. The most common worry about using a drugstore product or a brand that isn’t one of the top brands, is the quality of the product. This isn’t necessarily a problem, because a lot of drugstore products are just as good, if not better.

I went on a cosmetic search for a better  alternative for my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit, and came across the NYX contour kit. My personal favorite is the powder because my skin is already oily so I don’t need any liquid contour! I highly recommend using this strategy if you don’t prime or set your face with a matifying powder/spray!

The NYX contour palette has 8 shades. In the top row, It comes with a matte white color, a highlighting powder in white, a cream matte powder, and a highlighting beige powder. I love the top row for the highlighting parts of my face. I use the first three for above my cheek bones.

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The bottom row consist of most of the dark contour, it comes with 4 various shades of browns. One is very caramel like, and has a special bronze! I love it. The next two are more ash browns. These would be great if you don’t want to warm up your cheek bones too much or if you’re applying blush. The last brown is the darkest. It’s bold and lovely on the cheekbones.

This is definitely a cheaper alternative for the ABH contour kit which retails at 40$. You can purchase this product for 19.99$. Buy it now for a great price, CLICK HERE! 



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