The Truth Behind Kylie’s Products!

The Truth Behind Kylie’s Products!

The Truth Behind Kylie’s Products!


      You’ve probably heard of Kylie Jenner’s Liquid Lippies! She has created over 20 shades! Including, Matte, Gloss, Metallic, and even liners! As you may know the product started off with bad reviews such as the brush wasn’t good quality! A famous MUA, Jeffree Star did not hold back on mentioning the poor brush! 



       This issue was shortly resolved and the first batch of lippies were sent new brushes! How generous, right? In the meantime, Kylie has created an amazing variety of shades! If you follow her on snapchat you must have seen the swatches on a daily basis! Such as her recent colors! My personal all time favorites are the metallic!

Kylie-Jenner-Metal-Matte-Lipstick    Her shades are very durable and long-lasting! The lipstick itself is a great quality. The stay on all day, and have a perfect finish when using the matching lip liners. They are definitely worth the hype and the dollars!



  Her matte lipkits sell on for 29$, while her single matte lippies sell for 17$. Her lip liners are 14$ and her glosses are 15$. The beautiful metals sell for 18$! Her website is known to sell out fast, especially when you’re looking to buy the newest shades so get a head start when trying to purchase her products!






                                          Released July 26!


      Kyshadows were recently released yesterday! The are already sold out! The palette is a beautiful bronze! It consist of 9 different shades. Perfect for creating a warm or natural look. Swatches are below!




            The palette is very pigmented as you seen on her snapchat it only takes one swipe to pick up color! This is just the start to kylie cosmetics, and there are many more to come! 

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