The Ultimate Hair Growth Method For 1 Inch A Week!

The Ultimate Hair Growth Method For 1 Inch A Week!

The Ultimate Hair Growth Method For 1 Inch A Week!

I’m sure you have tried every method for hair growth, all the way from hair supplements, vitamins, products, and maybe even the old fashion drinking 5 bottles of water a day! Well the search is over!  This is a hair growth method proven to grow your hair 1 inch in one week! It is called the INVERSION method!

If you have never heard of this method, It has been around since ancient times. Inversion therapy is a method where you flip your head down (so your scalp is completely faced towards the ground) This method has been all over the place and tested for years! There are so many reviews on this method that you can search and watch before you try this method yourself!

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This method works by massaging your scalp in a circular motion increasing the blood flow to your scalp. This causes stimulating that leads to hair growth. It will also work even better if you use an oil such as coconut oil! It is best to use warm oils, so make sure the bottle is microwave safe then warm the oil up! This betters the scalp stimulation. You do this for 3 minutes for 7 days a month. Never do it for more than 7 days because then your scalp gets use to the stimulation and no longer will cause hair growth. You also don’t want to do this method for any longer than 3 minutes. If you get dizzy or light-headed be sure to stop the method. This method has been shown to work on all types of hair. Below are videos of completely different hair types!


    I definitely would give this hair growth method a try especially if nothing else has been working out! Wishing you the best on your hair journey!


You can never forget about the appearance of your hair. You can grow it out all you want, but you must know how to style it! Check out this post on one of my favorite websites!


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