What’s The Hype On Morphe Brushes & Palettes!

What’s The Hype On Morphe Brushes & Palettes!

                       Morphe Palette’s & Brushes Review

             In the world of glam, I am sure you have heard the uproar about Morphe palettes and brushes. Theses palettes are GORGEOUS! The great thing about them are that they are amazing quality for a cheap price. They range from 20$-30$, and come with 35 different shades of eyeshadow.  These products while not disappoint you. They also have a good variety of brushes. They are truly AMAZING! They come in different styles which you can recognize by the tag on the brush such as, “M431” is a precision pencil crease brush. I will review the brushes more after the swatches!

Morphe 35O Palettes Shimmer (left) ,Matte (right)
The Gorgeous Jaclyn Hill Palette!




      I will be showing how pigmented and vibrant the colors are. The palette can be PURCHASED HERE! 

Now, Let’s get to the swatches! I picked out my favorite palette, Morphe 35O!



Morphe 35O


Column 1. These are my favorite shades in this palette. They are warmed toned, and GORGEOUS! The colors have a orange tint, and the bottom two are more of a red and brown tint.
Column 2. The first shade is a olive green. The second is a simple brown tint. The third is one of my favorites as well, it reminds me of a highlighter but more vibrant. Its gorgeous in the inner eye. The fourth one is a simple nude color, and the last is a dark red/orange glitter shade.













Column 3. The first shade is very tan/nude as well as the second. The last three are brown shades.
Column 4. The first shade is a BEAUTIFUL gold, and the second is another nude shade. The third is a auburn shade. The fourth is more of a ashy brown. The fourth shade is a simple brown.













Column 5. The first is a pearl white. The second is a pink under toned shade. The third is a ashy tan. The fourth is a gorgeous brown glitter shade with a tint of a dark olive green. The fourth is a brown with a litter complexion to it.



Column 6. These shades are very basic. They make good transitioning colors and bases. Simple whites, tans, and browns!






                                   MORPHE BRUSHES 

The truth behind Morphe brushes…THEY ARE AMAZING! I love these brushes due to great quality, durability, the great variety, and precision. The brushes are great and work exactly how the style of the brush is made. I love using these brushes and would high recommend them as they also work great with the palettes.

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