WOW? Have You Seen The Silicone Beauty Blender! Does It Work?

WOW? Have You Seen The Silicone Beauty Blender! Does It Work?


WOW? Sili Sponge Beauty Blender! Does It Work?

Have you seen the new beauty blender? It’s the Sili Sponge! It’s a silicone small piece, about the same size as a regular beauty blender. It is thinner, and clear! It is not at all in the form of a sponge! This way, It will not absorb your makeup that you apply, and It is way easier to keep clean! Below is an image of this new makeup applicator.

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The Sili sponge was made by Molly Cosmetics, but already has duplicated being made! This way you can find affordable Silicone Sponges! Be sure to stick around and check out any updates on this product! It will definitely hit the beauty industry hard! Check it out now before prices go up, or they sell out quickly! You will be very shocked and impressed by this silicone beauty blender! YAY! Purchase a more affordable sili sponge right here!

Silicone Makeup Sponge – Compare to Silisponge


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The overall concept of making a new and improved beauty blender was to eliminate the waste of products. With the old beauty blender it would absorb in over 70% of the actually makeup that you apply. It was also a nightmare to clean! This way you just have to simple wipe off the used parts and it stays clean! These blenders just recently hit the market so not many reviews of the product have been done yet! Below is a Youtube review on this product! Be sure to check it out!

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