The Key To Finding The Perfect FOUNDATION!

The Key To Finding The Perfect FOUNDATION!

The Key To Finding The Perfect FOUNDATION!


      Don’t you hate it when you get the wrong foundation that’s either to light or to dark for your skin tone! We all know that feeling when we wasted money for the wrong color. This will guide you to find the perfect foundation for your skin tone! 

       One of the most important steps is to recognize your undertone. If your veins appear as a blue or a purple color then your skin undertone is in the “cool” category. If your veins appear as a green then you are in the “yellow” category. You can also be a neutral undertone where your skin is both, and you can tell by your veins being both or hard to choose blue or green. 

      Another major step is to discover your skin type. You can easily decide whether your skin is oily, dry, normal or even a combination of both. You can then pick the foundation that is best for you skin type. If you have a dry or dull skin type choose a radiant foundation. If its oily, it’s best to choose one with a matte finish! If your skin type is normal then choose any natural type! This is make a big differences in the look of the foundation. 

     Last, choose the amount of coverage you’d like. If you have a large amount of blemishes and acne, It would be the best to use a full coverage. The less you need to cover up the less foundation you should use. If you just need something to freshen up your face then use a BB cream! The less the more natural! 

     By following these steps you’ll have no problem finding the perfect foundation! 

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