Kylie Cosmetics Christmas Goodies! AMAZING Stocking Stuffers!

Kylie Cosmetics Christmas Goodies! AMAZING Stocking Stuffers!


The limited edition goodies launch November 21st, 2016. Kylie Jenner has decided to launch some new gorgeous shades and an even better gloss formula to improve the lip glosses! She’s also releasing Makeup brushes! The lip products now have silver drips instead of the original gold! Have you seen the new gorgeous red shades? They are perfect for the season.

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They also come as ornaments for a cute surprise on Christmas morning!


She also had more variety of shades for the holiday season including a perfect pink/rose color. Image result for kylie cosmetics christmas


If you order on black Friday, Your purchase comes with the cutest Kylie cosmetics stockings! Perfect for Christmas presents or even stocking stuffers!

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Don’t forget about the brand new makeup brushes and Kyshadow palette! The Kyshadow palette is by far my personal favorite and comes with the perfect colors for the season. They are great quality and you’ll have no worries about pigmentation! Look at the swatches Kylie put on her snapchat story! Can you imagine how many great looks you can make with this palette!Image result for kylie cosmetics christmasImage result for kylie cosmetics christmas

Not only did she come out with a new Kyshadow palette but three new liners as well!

Merry and bright: All of the products in the line, including the three cream eyeshadows above, are formulated with real diamond dust 

               The makeup brushes have never been released so no reviews have been created on them but everyone sure is waiting to purchase them and test them out! It’s a five piece set, and the price has not been announced yet. It will be a shock how much improvement Kylie’s cosmetics has made before the end of the year. The Christma’s goodies are an amazing comeback!

New product alert: Kylie's first foray into make-up brushes - a five-piece set - rounds out the collection

45 Replies to “Kylie Cosmetics Christmas Goodies! AMAZING Stocking Stuffers!”

  1. OMG — I was just on Refinery29’s website and browsing through some Kylie news — about KylieCosmetics’ pop-up store?? I don’t own any of her stuff, but a girl sure likes some goss 😉

  2. Even though I have seen a bad review of her products by another make up artist who has their own brand of products, from your pictures it looks like good quality stuff. The stocking is super cute as well!

  3. I’m sure that’s going to be a hit with the teens. They’re all about the latest kylie lipsticks! I like that little stocking that comes with the purchase!

  4. I haven’t tried Kylie Cosmetics yet, but the rich shades in the palette are gorgeous! I also like the free stocking – too cute! It’s always fun to get a free bonus gift!

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