Kylie Lipstick Dupes! Spend Less!

Kylie Lipstick Dupes! Spend Less!

Kylie Jenner’s Lipstick Dupes! Affordable!

Why spend up to 29 Dollars on Kylie’s lip kits when you can save money for the products nearly identical!


Im sure you have heard the big hype on her lipsticks especially when she releases a new one! Kylie continues to create new liquid lipsticks known for they light feeling and the long lasting durability. She has many shades and all types. She has metals, Mattes, Glosses, and she even recently dropped her own bronze eyeshadow palette. Her lip kits are ranged from 14$-29$ for a complete lip kit! Not everyone has that much money to spend on her lipsticks so its nice to have similar products that give you similar shades and characteristics. Most products listed below can be found in Sephora stores, as well as Ulta!

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