Matte Lipstick Obsession? ONLY 1$ LIPPIES

Matte Lipstick Obsession? ONLY 1$ LIPPIES

1$ Madly Matte Lip Products!

   Only 1$, WHAT? YES! These lippies are only 1$ each, and they are truly pigmented. They don’t compare to any ordinary lip product you’d expect to get when you only pay a dollar. They had high pigmentation, and go on smooth. The applicator is curved for easy applying. The packaging itself is super cute! This is a great product that you wouldn’t expect for just a dollar! It’s crazy! If you are a lip product addict then I highly suggest this product. The ONLY con about this lipstick is that sometimes it goes on and it’s sticky. You can really make much lip movement until it is 100% dry! For a dollar, I say it is definitely worth a try! The brand has over 24 colors, and has lip glosses, to lipsticks, to lip scrubs! You can purchases from or amazon easily! 







14285236_1262723943758389_1010243171_o  They stayed on all night, and were difficult to was off unless using makeup removers or soap! They stay on all day! 

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