Slay ALL Day With These Makeup Setting Sprays!

Slay ALL Day With These Makeup Setting Sprays!

     Slay ALL Day With These Makeup Setting Sprays!


Have you ever spent 45 minutes or 1 hour doing your makeup to perfection, but only for it to come off in a few hours? You don’t have to worry about that anymore! There’s many solutions to this problem. I have the best solution! Settings sprays! Settings spray’s are known for letting your makeup last all night through all different types of activities. You may have heard of the amazing Urban Decay setting spray! You can literally go swimming and still come out the pool with every bit of eyeshadow and lipstick in place! It’s that good! It is definitely worth every penny! You can purchase it right here All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray 1.0 oz by Salamander99!

I guarantee you that you will love it! It is on the top list for a makeup “must have” and all the beauty guru’s are obsessed with it! You can also purchase this setting spray on one of my favorite sites ever! You received amazing name brand makeup products for 30% off of the original price! How cool? Right! Click here to check it out! GLAMBOT!




One of the most important things to know when it comes to setting sprays are “What’s the purpose?”

Most sprays have something the specialize in. Some are for matte finishes, and others are for a dewy glow! This is important to know what you need a certain type of look. I personally have oily skin so I would use a matte finishing spray instead of a dewy glow! Always read the labels and become aware of what you are applying to your face!


One of my favorites matte and dewy finishing sprays are by NYX! They are very affordable, especially compared to the high-end prices!

The matte finishing spray I would prefer to use after contouring, and then I would highlight! This makes your skin look smooth and not oily. The highlighter will still give you that extra POP! Try it out!

If you have really dry skin, and staying matte isn’t an issue, then try the dewy finishing spray for that perfect glow! You can never go wrong

with a little glow! You can purchase them right now! You’ll love them just as much as I do! Just click on the image for both, matte or dewy!








   Setting sprays typically work better with the same primer! These steps are important if you are trying to create a flawless finish look! Be sure to check out GLAMBOT! It is perfect for any makeup lovers!

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