Tarte Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Swatches!

Tarte Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Swatches!

Tarte Eyeshadow Palette: (Amazonian Clay Matte Palette, Tartelette) Review & Swatches!


Have you been on the search for that perfect matte eyeshadow palette? I promise the search is over! This Tarte palette is the ultimate matte palette. It is filled with neutral shades that go perfect with any and ever look! This palette is overall perfect. If you’ve never heard of Tarte cosmetic is it by far on of the best high end brands. The quality is amazing and it worth every buck you pay! Tarte products are safe use for the skin and are made without, parabens, sulfate, and gluten, and the brand is completely cruelty-free! You will never doubt getting a bang for your buck at Tarte cosmetics.


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The Amazonian Clay Matte Palette is so classy and chic with the gold shiny interior. It also comes with a huge clear mirror! The quality of the mirror itself is shocking! It is one of my favorite features of this palette. The exterior design is also very gorgeous. I personally love products that are packaged well and I am 10 times more vulnerable to buy products with a beautiful design! The palette is very pigmented and it actually goes on completely matte! Use a eyeshadow base if you’re looking for a vibrant matte. With matte eyeshadow you can settle for any type of look. You can do a bold lipstick, or even pull your hair back in a sloppy bun with sweatpants. It looks way more natural then any shimmer eyeshadows.



This is the first column. These 4 shades are a great combo. I love how vibrant the shades are. I would personally use these shades for a smokey eye! The colors from left to right are, “Free spirit, force of nature, dreamer, and multi-tasker.”



This is the second column. These shades have a bit more color to them. They all have a hint of purple or pink. Caregiver, The first shade, is a light pink! It is absolutely gorgeous! The next three shades are, “natural beauty, best friend, and bombshell.” OMG! Bombshell is stunning! It is a dark purple shade with a hint of brown! I love it!



This is the last column. You would be surprised how vibrant these shades are. I love the bold color, “fashionista.” I would defintely use “super mom” as a inner corner! The colors from left to right are, “super mom, wanderer, power player, and fashionista.”


Here is a great review by TrinaDuhra on youtube!

 These are the swatches on a light skin tone, as the ones shown above are on my medium/tan skin tone. Image result for amazonian clay tarte palette swatches



I hope you enjoyed this review! Purchase The Palette Now HERE! 



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