All Time Favorite Eyeshadows: Swatches!

All Time Favorite Eyeshadows: Swatches!

All Time Favorite Eyeshadows: Swatches!

             Everyone has a favorite eyeshadow shade or palette, but no everyone can afford every 20-30 dollar palette. I will be showing you my favorite affordable palettes and reviewing them with all honesty! Each palette is ranged from 9-22 dollars at the most. I’ve used each one multiple times and love creating colorful or even basic looks with them. They are all so pigmented and unique colors. I highly recommend each palette. Most the palettes were purchases online from amazon and some were just basic palettes. 


          I love finding great deals and affordable makeup for those of whom can not afford a brand new Morphe or Tarte palette! We may all know the struggle, but with these palettes you will be just as happy. In my opinion, they do not give you a drugstore look and they look like you spent 30 dollars for the palette! 


          Did I mention that these palettes are a legit bang for your buck! You’ll love them. Be watching for any upcoming giveaways that may include a following palette! Subscribe with your email to!

                   AMAZON PALETTE (p28/07)










This palette has a variety of different bright and pigmented colors. The swatches were only rubbed twice with my finger. They are so cute! 


Here are some of my favorite swatches!

Palette (H10)

This is my all time favorite blush palette! It ranges from light pinks to vibrant corals! It is so gorgeous and I love the way it reflects in the sun!


13898160_1233447640019353_1898595709_o 13918543_1233447623352688_293984598_o      The first pictures is with flash, The second is no flash.


BH Cosmetics 88 color shimmer palette!

I previously did a huge review on this palette! It is AMAZING! The colors are so beautiful and pigmented!

GUESS WHAT? ONLY 11$! Link is in my BH Cosmetics palette post along with the review and swatches!



This is another colorful palette that can create many beautiful looks and are very bright! I love using this palette as a go to when i have no idea in mind! 

13898164_1233453840018733_888146309_o 13901960_1233453806685403_1549550982_o




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