Blogger Must Haves and Blogging Social Media Tips!

Blogger Must Haves and Blogging Social Media Tips!

     Blogger Must Haves and Blogging Social Media Tips!


Being a blogger comes with a lot of difficulties with staying organized and on top of task! A major key in being successful deals with the tools and the proper techniques you use. It will also be a great stress reliever when you don’t have to worry about much because you’re already organized! Trust me, as a busy blogger, These tool’s and resources help me tremendously! I don’t know what I would do without them! Remember, take into consideration that every blogger has a different technique and some are more successful than others. Do what you know is best for you and your blog! You’ll be as successful as you dream!



Picture editing:

My favorite apps to use would definitely be the ones that keep me organized and my pictures looking bright and unique! As a beauty and fashion blogger you have to take clear pictures! I  suggest using: Pixlr! I’ve used this picture editor for 5 years now! I love it, and It’s super easy to use! Photoshop is also a must have! You can do so much with this app, and better yet, It can do more than just photos! You must give it a try! Of course, Instagram would be a simple way to lighten up your pictures and add a special filter!


I always use my notepad to keep track of any ideas that come to mind! This is handy because I tend to forget a lot of things throughout the day. Evernote is also a great alternative. You can take photos, make list, audio recordings and much more! It’s great to use to keep track of those bright ideas!


You can explore or even create a post from wherever you happen to be! This is handy when you want to get out the house and blog on the go! I love using this because It’s so simple to use especially with 3 hour-long trips to a different city! It’s so easy to blog on the go!


MY FAVORITE! No exaggeration! This app is amazing! You can do EVERYTHING you need for your pictures and images. You can create sllideshows, logos, email headers, Pinterest graphics, and much more. It’s super simple, and all the designs are gorgeous. I have been using this feature since I first started my blog. I will never switch to any other platform!


Media Kits:

Media kits are a vital part of blogging. You may be wondering, “what is a media kit?”

A media kit is what outlines every important aspect of your blog. It will state the pro’s, and the statistics. I think of it as a resumé! You tell every thing that makes your blog POP! You give this to advertisers and companies you want to collaborate with. As a blogger, you MUST have a media kit! It’s what makes you professional and gives you the better advantage in getting a freelance or collaboration job! Try it now! You can use my all time favorite, along with many other bloggers.


HipMediaKit is perfect! It’s professional, stylish, and very easy to edit! You will have NO troubles at all!

Editorial Calendar:

This is the trick that keep bloggers stress free! Use EDITFLOW to make your wordpress perfect for you!

“Edit Flow gives you custom statuses, a calendar, editorial comments, and more, all to make it much easier for your team to collaborate within WordPress.” -Editflow



Use a simple calendar or download a calendar app and chose a project for each day of the week! This will keep you on track and you’ll never have to sit around for hours and brainstorm a simple thought. Don’t take the easy way out. It will be worth it in the long run. Spend an hour or two every Saturday morning and fill up the next 3 weeks with plans for your blog! Spend this time to manage your website and build it to the top!

I use my personal planner to help me keep track of affiliate sales and password information. This will be very important when you start to build and grow your traffic!


Social Media Planner:

Plan out certain times and days to keep your follows on track and engaged!

Post Planner:

Make a post planner to keep your categories balanced. A post planner would look similar to this:

Monday’s-Beauty Review

Tuesday’s- Teaching Something New

Wednesday’s- D.I.Y project

Thursday’s- Cooking 

Friday’s-No post (Focus on something your blog needs)

Saturday’s- Health

Sunday’s- Optional!

The easiest way to store this would be to make a cute graphic and print it out! Post it by your calendar!


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