Email Marketing: Creating & Growing an Email List!

Email Marketing: Creating & Growing an Email List!

   Email Marketing: Why It’s so important to build an Email list!

Email Marketing is the key to creating a continuous fan base that always keeps coming back to review and love all your content! Email subscribers are where you find the most dedicated and interactive audience. This is where you build a rapport and you strengthen your work. Email marketing is one of the most important steps of building a business or creating your dream blog. You can use an email for so many different strategies. It’s the glue that holds together your sources of income. Email marketing can be used for advertising, communicating, promotions, coupon deals, eBooks, freebies, planners, and thousands of other options. Its your imagination, and its your place where you represent your brands motto! Email marketing will boost your sales and engagement.


Let’s get to the details…

  1. Find an easy and complex email service. I HIGHLY recommend MailChimp. It’s a great and very creative platform to use to write and create emails to your subscribers. It allows you to create campaigns, email list, templates and much more…


2. Growth. In order to have a successful email list it must consist on hard work and dedication. You have to get the content out there and constantly share and promote. The many way I gathered most of my subscribers are from Pinterest interactions and creating content with a freebie.

3. Freebies are an amazing way to grow an email list! It’s quite simple, everyone loves freebies! I love use Canva to create a cute cover for freebie. I have used planners, templates, and E-courses as a free email gift!

4. Keeping the subscribers locked in! This is by far the most important step. You must keep your subscribers entertained. Constantly create an email template/design that will keep your subscribers drawn in to the email. Make the content readable and relatable. Know your customers/subscribers. You must keep on track with your niche. For example, If you are planning on creating a fitness blog a good email idea would be types of workouts that work best for body types and give a freebie workout plan! It’s that simple. Keep your readers on their toes!

5. Plan your goals. Write it down, and meet your goal every week/month. I like to set up my goals a month in advance and work towards them all through the month and at the end It will pay off!


Email Marketing is a key role in having a successful client/subscriber list. A rapport is the one thing that you can build and create constantly and never have to worry about losing. You can also keep your audience in touch and up to date. Hey, Even throw in a free Giveaway challenge when your really wanting to promote and reach your goals.


The benefits of MailChimp you can build a campaign, review a reports and analytics, and create advertisements. You can get every detail to pin down what will work best and create a steady flow with your audience. You can see who unsubscribes, who opens the emails, the percentage rates, and much more. Just ask yourself this, How important is your business success and income?

   Here are some great ideas on where to get started while first beginning to build a rapport with your email list:

  • E-Courses/E-Books  updates/sales/releases.
  • Welcome email series. 
  • Marketing Campaigns.
  • Webinars and Sign ups.
  • Product sales. 
  • Offering Services.  


        Stay tuned for my upcoming email marketing post and e-courses! 


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