How To Get 23,000 Blog Views From Pinterest In One Week!

How To Get 23,000 Blog Views From Pinterest In One Week!

How To Get 23,000 Blog Views From Pinterest In One Week!

The game of blogging is nowhere near easy, In fact it’s pretty hard! It takes a lot of time consumption and hard work! Moral of the story, The hard work you put in is the hard work you’ll get out. I started blogging in July of 2016, and it is now February of 2017! I’ve managed to create a blog from nothing and turn it into a blooming business! I’ve gained tons of engagements and steady subscribes over the past few months.

When I first started blogging I read every article I could find on how to get a successful blog that gets thousands upon thousands of views. I overtime began to realized that each of these articles had something similar. PINTEREST! They all discussed how Pinterest is the best platform for marketing and getting your blog tons of views! Yes, It’s very easy to make an account and pin your blog articles to a board, but it takes WAY more than just that! Trust me, I learned this the hard way. You have to put in WEEKS of work to get your blog Pinterest perfected. Eventually, it will start to generate itself and you can sit back and watch the beauty of Pinterest blog marketing! Until then, I’ll show you exactly how dominate this amazing platform.

First things first, creating a killer account. This is where you take the theme of your blog and you turn it into art. Your profile picture and bio should be completely based off your blog. Beginning with the bio, you should always have a direct link to your blog with a cute message about your niche. For example,

    “Everything you need,

from beauty talks,

to the latest fashion trends!

Only at

The key is to keep it short and simple, but you still want to pull you’re readers and followers in! Now, your profile picture should be just as simple! Use your blog’s logo! It should be the same one located on your blogs homepage and the same color scheme. This will keep everything clean and simplistic.

The next important step is creating several boards to match your content. I personally created around 12 boards. I have them ranging from topics such as makeup, hair, life inspiration, and fashion trends. Each board has a catchy name, and a board cover to match my blog theme and profile picture. This is what pulls together your overall Pinterest profile. Your followers will fall in love with the organization and the simplistic theme of your profile. It should be easy to find what they are looking for and you should also try your best to pin the appropriate things to each board. DON’T FORGET: Make a board that is specifically for just your blog, and pin every post to this board.



      Moving on, It’s time to discuss how to get people to engage with your Pinterest. The major key is your pins and the content! The graphics should be eye-catching! Pinterest is nothing like the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” In fact, It’s the exact opposite. THE COVER IS EVERYTHING! You have to make it pop and stand out from all the other pins. For blogging, you always want the longer length pins, and you want them to be rich pins. Rich pins give a direct link back to your blog when they are clicked on. This is what will generate most of your traffic. My favorite part about pinning is creating the graphics! I enjoy this because you can express so many things and pull in the followers by designing a beautiful cover picture! Since I first started blogging I’ve always used www.canva.comIt is free and super easy to use!

Another key factor is switching your account over to a business account. This will give you the ability to see your account analytics and you can connect your website to get all the data obtained from Pinterest. I use this to track my growth and see what is working best and what affects my engagement. You can also track the amount of clicks you get from Pinterest to your website. Cool, right?

 Now it’s time to conquer and dominate! This is by far the most IMPORTANT step!


   I cannot emphasize this enough, believe me when I say this is the magic of pinning! Group boards are boards that you can be invited to pin to but you do not own. This is what gives you ton of exposure! For example, I am in a group board with 187k followers. When I pin to this board they all can see my pin, and then when they re-pin it, their followers can also see my pin! It’s a continuously cycle full of growth! Essentially you want to join 80-100 group boards at the least in my opinion! You do this by finding a group board and following the direction in the bio. Some will have you email, and others will just say comment if you want to join. How do you find group boards? is an amazing way to find them, but this site only gets updated every few months. My favorite way to find them is by looking at the profiles of some top bloggers and asking to join the group boards I find on their page. Trust me, if you try to skip this step you will see NO growth at all.

After you’ve gotten this far you have to stay consistent and active. This can be super easy by using tailwind! Tailwind automates pins so your account is continuously pinning. This way you are always engaging and so you can always expect to get some engagement back! You can always test it out and see if it works best for you!

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