How I Create My Blog Cover photos and Headers!

How I Create My Blog Cover photos and Headers!

    How I Create My Blog Cover photos and Headers!


When I first started my blog I spent hours searching for the perfect platform to create amazing cover photos for my post. I came a cross a platform that is very diverse and allows you to create anything within your imagination! I will be showing you step by step how I create my cover photos and how easy you can do it too!

○ The first important task is to find your images. In order to make everything you create owned by you with no copy right or theft you must either take the images yourself, or you can find a stock photo website with the images provided. If you would like to visit a few of my favorite websites to find free stock images you can take a look through my post on “Where I find my free blog images”

○ After you gather the images you will be using create an account on! Below gives you a sneak peek on what your signing up for! A great deal, right?


Canva consist of many different important features. You can do so much with this site! They have so many different option such as marketing materials, blogging, ebooks, graphics, social media post, and much more!

                   I will be showing you how I make my graphic/cover photo step by step.   

1. To begin, I like to use the Pinterest graphics. It works well when posting my articles on Pinterest! It is the perfect dimensions, so if you plan on sharing on Pinterest this is the graphic I recommend.


As you examine, you can see there are premade templates you can use! Pretty awesome, right? They give you hundreds to pick from! You can also create your own template if you’d like. Today, I will be using a premade template.


I have now chosen my template. Next visit the upload tab, it allows you to upload your own images making your graphics your very own and unique!


I will be changing the image to one of my own, and editing the text. From this step on, all the customization depends on how you’d like it! It is completely up to you! Below is my finished product.

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