How To Get Blog Traffic!Top Blogging MUST Knows! Get Thousands Of Visitors!

How To Get Blog Traffic!Top Blogging MUST Knows! Get Thousands Of Visitors!

I started my blog at the start of August in 2016. It has now been about 3 months. It has taken a lot of dedication and determination. Starting a blog happens to be way more than just posting articles! You have to put in a TON of hours every week! I previously posted this article about how to increase your blog traffic

These tips and tricks have helped me increase my daily views by several hundred! For the first 5-6 weeks, I would only get an average of 50 views a day! The next two weeks after that I focused more on social media instead of posting so much. It increased by HUNDREDS! It still increases to this day, because I put a lot of work into connecting with the people in love with my niche, beauty.

If you read every article on how to help your blog out, you’re gonna read a lot about Pinterest. I have added tailwind to my Pinterest and updated to a business account. (Follow me here!) This has helped tremendously and I know can see my analytics from Pinterest. You can also promote your pins to drive in hundred of visitors and repins! This is honestly where you have to invest most of your time in if you’re looking for traffic! You’ll increase by at least 300% if you work hard enough! I spent 4 nights in a row sending out at LEAST 15 emails to join group collab. boards above 10k followers! This is help so much, and you will gain tons of exposure!

Facebook groups have helped me out a lot as well. I’ve joined over 50! Find some that fit your niche and post away! This is my second main source of views and traffic. I just recently started working on Facebook two weeks ago. I log on everyday and add my link as many times as I can! Give it a try! You can also promote your website with ads!

While on Facebook, I am across one of the most AMAZING platforms for growing your blog traffic. StumbleUpon! You can share your link along with others! I went somewhat viral and had 853 views over a couple of hours! Then, it continued to blow up my traffic! The secret to StumbleUpon is to not overload with your SAME link to your website! You want to add as many other links as possible and continuously like at least 30-50 stumbles a day. 



It’s as simple as visiting! Write a simple but very handy blog post about! It’d be best if your write it in a article just like this one! It actually works too! You won’t be disappointed! I love this website and all the reviews I have read on it! Try it NOW!

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