Top Tricks & Tips On Increasing Blog Traffic!

Top Tricks & Tips On Increasing Blog Traffic!

Top Tricks & Tips On Increasing Blog Traffic!


Increasing your blog traffic is one of the main things new bloggers worry about. It’s a vital aspect in the blogging world. Without traffic you don’t gain any type of activity or feedback! It’s so important! I’m gonna teach you a few ways I increased my blog traffic in just a couple of months! Theses are some of the BEST tricks and tips, and they are guaranteed to help your blog grow and glow!



Your blog must have valid and interesting content. No one reads a boring blog, or even a blog that is not valid! Take time to make a post worth the read! You’ll receive more feedback and views.



Get engaged with social media. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TRICK! This is where 90% of traffic comes from. You can use all social medias ranging from instagram, twitter, tumblr, and especially PINTEREST! Pinterest is known for giving blogs hundreds of views! Build your blogs pinterest page and continuously post to it and promote all your content. Re-pin your content even if it’s already posted! This will make a major difference, and you will notice it!



Look everywhere to promote your blog. Tell your friends and family, and you can even promote on your personal social media. Promotion can give your page a lot of exposure which is one of the main aspects needed for your blog to thrive.



Everyone loves free stuff! This is a trick I use to build my page. Everyone who subscribes to my page and enters the giveaway has a chance of winning a giveaway! It can range from gift cards, to makeup, and even expensive high-end products! It is definitely worth a try!



You have to be consistent and upload a post at minimum once a week. You need to always add new content. Don’t be afraid to change the subject and topic up either!



Not only can your use social media, giveaways, etc. But also you can think outside the box! Comment about your blog on other blogs, DONT SPAM! Find a relatable topic and explain why your post relates then add a link!



You can join blogging communities and talk to other bloggers and continue to show off all your content! My personal favorite is bloglovin! Give it a try!


never give up! 



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