Guide To The PERFECT Lipstick!

Guide To The PERFECT Lipstick!


        Have you ever spent the longest time in the store or online shopping trying to figure out what shade is best for you? We all understand that struggle! This guide will help you find what lipstick shade fits you best!


          The major step to finding what shade is best is to know what your skin undertone is. Everyone is either a pink undertone which is more cool, or a yellow undertone which is warmer. If you’re both then you are a neutral undertone which makes it so easy to choose colors! You can tell what undertone you are by your vein colors. If they are green you have a yellow undertone. If the veins are blue you are a pink undertone! Of course if they are both blue and green you fall in the neutral category. 


         After you find your undertone notice if you are a light or a darker shade of it. For example, If you’re a pink undertone and you’re really pale, then your more than likely a light/cool. I’d recommend to take a trip to Sephora, Mac or even your local beauty supply store such as Ulta, and play around with some swatches and compare them with your skin! You’ll be so much happier if you swatch the lipstick. Most nude colors come out way different when you apply to your actually lips! If you have a dark complexion the lip shade will not look the same on you as it does on a lighter complexion.



   These are some perfect examples. You can also use nude shades, but when you have a cooler and lighter skin complexion, you can use almost any colored lipstick! Avoid deep reds if your more pale, but a nice soft red would look great! 


   Light / Warm



               A perfect nude, or even a brown shade goes so lovely with is undertone. You can also do a ombre style lip! Use a dark lip pencil and then go in with a nude! The pink shades also go well with this complexion. You can mix a lot of colors together and make a perfect combination!





GORGEOUS, RIGHT? These shades look so perfect on a dark warm undertone! It’ll amaze you! Find a true deep pink or even a burgundy and you’ll never wanna go back to any other shade!

Beauty Is Forever: 10 MAJOR Tips & Tricks

Beauty Is Forever: 10 MAJOR Tips & Tricks


          Have you been searching nonstop for the perfect tips to better your everyday makeup routine? You’ve finally found the TOP 10! I will be sharing the best of the best tips on beauty. When you learn to master these you will be set! These tips are professionally used and known to work and have great results! 



Tip #1:   Wise words from Beyonce once said, “A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. Other than that, the most valuable tip I’ve learned is always use a skin moisturizer.” 

     I couldn’t say it any better. Skin moisturizing is the all time key to glowing and healthy skin. It can also help with acne if you find the perfect skin moisturizer for your skin type. One of the best moisturizers known in the beauty word is, “Philosophy hope in a jar.” You can find this product in sephora or ulta. Another good moisturizer that can be found at your local walmart is the Neutrogenia brand. It’s great for dealing with acne and oily based skin.



Tip #2: Hydrate or suffer.

     It truly is the key. SERIOUSLY! Drink bottles upon bottles each day. You can even set goals to achieve by a certain time each day. Water is good for the skin and also growing nails. It strengthens your hair and helps your skin glow naturally. You may hear this tip often but it is very helpful. Water also helps medically such as headaches and cramping. 




Tip#3: Wash your face EVERYDAY! 

    I cannot stress it enough how important it is to wash your face and clean your pores. When you clean your face your pores get rid of dirt and oil that is unnecessary. It also helps clean away all the old make up. This can help clear your face up and get rid of acne. 



Tip #4: Bye Bye makeup sponges! 

     Use a foundation brush instead. Sponges tend to suck up and absorb more makeup then you actually apply. You spend way more money because your constantly using up all your foundation and having to buy new sponges. 



Tip #5: old fashion toothpaste for zits!

  It truly works. If you pop your zits it leaves scars, instead apply toothpaste and it will shrink and dry the pimple! 



Tip #6: lotion as makeup remover? YES! 

 Lotion works just as good to remove makeup and it even gets all the mascara. 



Tip #7: conditioner is key! 

 Deep condition your hair for softer hair and it even locks in color after you dye it. Conditioner can also be used when you run out of shaving cream for great results!



Tip #8: exfoliate is a must!

  It removes the top layer of dead cells that cover your layer of bright and perfected skin. You will see a huge different and you’ll no longer look dull!



Tip #9: clean your makeup brushes! 

   You will see such a big difference with better radiant products and it can prevent skin rashes and breakouts. It smoothes your makeup and removes bacteria.





It’s the most gorgeous thing you can every put on. 

All Time Favorite Eyeshadows: Swatches!

All Time Favorite Eyeshadows: Swatches!

             Everyone has a favorite eyeshadow shade or palette, but no everyone can afford every 20-30 dollar palette. I will be showing you my favorite affordable palettes and reviewing them with all honesty! Each palette is ranged from 9-22 dollars at the most. I’ve used each one multiple times and love creating colorful or even basic looks with them. They are all so pigmented and unique colors. I highly recommend each palette. Most the palettes were purchases online from amazon and some were just basic palettes. 


          I love finding great deals and affordable makeup for those of whom can not afford a brand new Morphe or Tarte palette! We may all know the struggle, but with these palettes you will be just as happy. In my opinion, they do not give you a drugstore look and they look like you spent 30 dollars for the palette! 


          Did I mention that these palettes are a legit bang for your buck! You’ll love them. Be watching for any upcoming giveaways that may include a following palette! Subscribe with your email to!

                   AMAZON PALETTE (p28/07)










This palette has a variety of different bright and pigmented colors. The swatches were only rubbed twice with my finger. They are so cute! 


Here are some of my favorite swatches!

Palette (H10)

This is my all time favorite blush palette! It ranges from light pinks to vibrant corals! It is so gorgeous and I love the way it reflects in the sun!


13898160_1233447640019353_1898595709_o 13918543_1233447623352688_293984598_o      The first pictures is with flash, The second is no flash.


BH Cosmetics 88 color shimmer palette!

I previously did a huge review on this palette! It is AMAZING! The colors are so beautiful and pigmented!

GUESS WHAT? ONLY 11$! Link is in my BH Cosmetics palette post along with the review and swatches!



This is another colorful palette that can create many beautiful looks and are very bright! I love using this palette as a go to when i have no idea in mind! 

13898164_1233453840018733_888146309_o 13901960_1233453806685403_1549550982_o




BH Cosmetics Palette Review + Swatches! WOW!

BH Cosmetics Palette Review + Swatches!

   OMG! Have you seen this palette girl? Let me tell you! It is amazing! With the amazing pigmentation, and the variety of poppin’ colors, this palette is perfect for creating 100’s of amazing looks. I highly recommend the 88 colors “cool shimmer” palette. It’s so useful, and perfect for a quick easy pop of color or even a extra inner corner eye shimmer. I absolutely love it. It’s also very affordable at the price of 11.00$! WHAT? yes! ONLY 11.00$. 



88 Colors (1)


Below you will be seeing all 88 swatches! The swatches are organized from top to bottom by columns! I’m sure you will fall in love with the amazing pigmentation and the glow!



This is column 1! It is gorgeous! The colors are bright and so fun to play with! I love using the bottom color under my water line for a bright POP! Below is a video of how pigmented the colors are!

and more…



 This Column has shimmer colors that are so appealing!

From the bright pinks to the oranges! It’s a bright column!

Column 3: Consist of pinks and purple shades.


It glowing so bright, and has the perfect colors for a great pink looks!



Column 4:

The perfect purples and dark blues.




                                      Column 5:

Who doesn’t love a true brown? This palette has 10! 


Column 6:

Greens, Greens, and…Wait…MORE GREENS!




Column 7:

Wait, Didn’t I tell you there were more greens? YES! All shades.


 Column 8:

The perfect blues, I love this entire column. It has the most gorgeous shades of blue! You’ll fall in love.

13932218_1232624486768335_1493523604_o (1)

Column 9:

Words cant even begin to explain the colors!


Column 10:

This is my go-to row. All the colors are AMAZING! I love from the gold to the browns!



It’s the perfect warm and dark toned colors. Great for cut creases and even smokey eyes. 


I HOPE YOU ENJOYED! I highly recommend this palette. It is one of my favorite affordable palettes.

The Truth Behind Kylie’s Products!

The Truth Behind Kylie’s Products!


      You’ve probably heard of Kylie Jenner’s Liquid Lippies! She has created over 20 shades! Including, Matte, Gloss, Metallic, and even liners! As you may know the product started off with bad reviews such as the brush wasn’t good quality! A famous MUA, Jeffree Star did not hold back on mentioning the poor brush! 



       This issue was shortly resolved and the first batch of lippies were sent new brushes! How generous, right? In the meantime, Kylie has created an amazing variety of shades! If you follow her on snapchat you must have seen the swatches on a daily basis! Such as her recent colors! My personal all time favorites are the metallic!

Kylie-Jenner-Metal-Matte-Lipstick    Her shades are very durable and long-lasting! The lipstick itself is a great quality. The stay on all day, and have a perfect finish when using the matching lip liners. They are definitely worth the hype and the dollars!



  Her matte lipkits sell on for 29$, while her single matte lippies sell for 17$. Her lip liners are 14$ and her glosses are 15$. The beautiful metals sell for 18$! Her website is known to sell out fast, especially when you’re looking to buy the newest shades so get a head start when trying to purchase her products!






                                          Released July 26!


      Kyshadows were recently released yesterday! The are already sold out! The palette is a beautiful bronze! It consist of 9 different shades. Perfect for creating a warm or natural look. Swatches are below!




            The palette is very pigmented as you seen on her snapchat it only takes one swipe to pick up color! This is just the start to kylie cosmetics, and there are many more to come! 

10 Poppin’ Book Bags!

10 Poppin’ Book Bags For Back To School!


  Who wouldn’t want to walk into school on the first day with a fab backpack? I know I would! Well here are some of the most trendy and jaw dropping backpacks ready to make the perfect fashion statement! 



10 Poppin' Must Have Backpacks (4)
purchase here!

10 Poppin' Must Have Backpacks (2)

10 Poppin' Must Have Backpacks (3)
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10 Poppin' Must Have Backpacks (8)
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10 Poppin' Must Have Backpacks (5)
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10 Poppin' Must Have Backpacks (7)
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10 Poppin' Must Have Backpacks (12)
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10 Poppin' Must Have Backpacks (10)
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10 Poppin' Must Have Backpacks (11)
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10 Poppin' Must Have Backpacks (13)
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LUMEE: The Selfie Case Review!

LUMEE: The Selfie Case Review!

        I’m sure you have heard about the upcoming selfie case! Well it works just as good as it sounds. The Lumee selfie case has three different settings. Bright, low, and flashing. The case can light up a dark room with just one click. It has a blend in button on the back of the case. It has a variety of colors you can purchase it in! From rose gold, black, grey, pink, and gold! It’s very cute and trendy! I love my Lumee case especially when looking for the perfect lighting for a selfie, or even a flashlight! It’s that bright! 

                                    This is the gold colored case! This video was taken in a dark room so you can see how bright it truly is! The Lumee case is ran on a internal battery that you charge with a charger for Samsung/Androids. It usually comes with one when you purchase the case. It charges VERY fast and last days even up to a week depending on how much you use it! The next video will show you the settings of the lights on the case and you case see the overall case.


 I recommend this case for anyone interested! I HIGHLY recommend to purchase the REAL case, not the duplicates! It’s worth the extra money!

Here is a great link to purchase from below:


What’s The Hype On Morphe Brushes & Palettes!

                       Morphe Palette’s & Brushes Review

             In the world of glam, I am sure you have heard the uproar about Morphe palettes and brushes. Theses palettes are GORGEOUS! The great thing about them are that they are amazing quality for a cheap price. They range from 20$-30$, and come with 35 different shades of eyeshadow.  These products while not disappoint you. They also have a good variety of brushes. They are truly AMAZING! They come in different styles which you can recognize by the tag on the brush such as, “M431” is a precision pencil crease brush. I will review the brushes more after the swatches!

Morphe 35O Palettes Shimmer (left) ,Matte (right)
The Gorgeous Jaclyn Hill Palette!




Continue reading “What’s The Hype On Morphe Brushes & Palettes!”

Eyebrows On Fleek


Who wouldn’t want their eyebrows on fleek?

       Most of us may know the struggle of growing and maintaining killer brows! Its definitely a terrifying process. Would you rather have thin or uneven brows, or go through the process of looking like a hairy beast to have killer brows? Well, let me tell you some tips and secrets to growing out your eyebrows in the easiest and fastest way possible!

       You may know that eyebrows are the key to your face. They help structure and shape your face. For example, Brows that are closer in towards each other give your nose a smaller appearance. Wide brows give your face a wider look. Straight brows give your face a longer shape. It is important to know what kind of brow structure you are looking for before you begin the process!

      Here are some of the most important tricks and tips to growing out your killer brows!


  • Leave them alone! To go through the process of growing your brows you cannot tweeze or wax! You must let them grow through there natural course for at least 2-3 weeks! Hide your tweezers, and stay away for the waxing salons! This is the most tempting step to ignore because your realize your brows growing crazily in all ways and shapes!


  •       Within those 2-3 weeks and even after, You can add supplements to your brows to speed up the process. I highly recommend castor oil! It its very well known to conduct hair growth! You can purchase castor oil HERE!


  •    This is the longest but most important step. After waiting 2-3 weeks you’ll notice hairs growing in all directions and places. Figure out the eyebrow shape you are going for and grab your tweezers! Remember, you must go plucking crazy! You now want to tweeze the COMPLETELY unnecessary hairs. TIP: Draw the shape of the brows you want with a eyebrow pencil, and pluck all the hairs outside the shape!  


  •    Your body reflects what you put in it. Eat healthy foods to better your skin, it will help you overall. If you put trash in it, you get trash. If you put healthy in it, you get healthy! Drink a lot of water for glowing skin and it also helps promote hair growth!


  • Wait, Wait, Wait, Patiently Wait! Maybe a couple months have passed by and your ready to get your killer brows! Now is the time you get them PROFESSIONALLY waxed, threaded or plucked. It is important to do a lot of research before you let someone touch your brows. You wouldn’t want to repeat the last couple months would you?  Definitely not.


  • Be sure you ask your eyebrow professional questions and give them a lot of detail and information on how you want your brows! It may help to even show your stylist a image.



  • So now you have your dream brows! Of course they’ll last several weeks until the hair starts to grow back. Now, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pluck any hairs that grow back, but when you comes time a lot of hairs are growing back, go to your stylist again. It’ll be worth it! If you want dream brows, you must treat them like precious jewels!


   After you complete these steps and tricks you’ll have amazing results! Remember everyone has different hair growth timing! Never give up, and keep trying hard! Your brows will thank you later!