How To Get 23,000 Blog Views From Pinterest In One Week!

How To Get 23,000 Blog Views From Pinterest In One Week!

The game of blogging is nowhere near easy, In fact it’s pretty hard! It takes a lot of time consumption and hard work! Moral of the story, The hard work you put in is the hard work you’ll get out. I started blogging in July of 2016, and it is now February of 2017! I’ve managed to create a blog from nothing and turn it into a blooming business! I’ve gained tons of engagements and steady subscribes over the past few months.

When I first started blogging I read every article I could find on how to get a successful blog that gets thousands upon thousands of views. I overtime began to realized that each of these articles had something similar. PINTEREST! They all discussed how Pinterest is the best platform for marketing and getting your blog tons of views! Yes, It’s very easy to make an account and pin your blog articles to a board, but it takes WAY more than just that! Trust me, I learned this the hard way. You have to put in WEEKS of work to get your blog Pinterest perfected. Eventually, it will start to generate itself and you can sit back and watch the beauty of Pinterest blog marketing! Until then, I’ll show you exactly how dominate this amazing platform.

First things first, creating a killer account. This is where you take the theme of your blog and you turn it into art. Your profile picture and bio should be completely based off your blog. Beginning with the bio, you should always have a direct link to your blog with a cute message about your niche. For example,

    “Everything you need,

from beauty talks,

to the latest fashion trends!

Only at

The key is to keep it short and simple, but you still want to pull you’re readers and followers in! Now, your profile picture should be just as simple! Use your blog’s logo! It should be the same one located on your blogs homepage and the same color scheme. This will keep everything clean and simplistic.

The next important step is creating several boards to match your content. I personally created around 12 boards. I have them ranging from topics such as makeup, hair, life inspiration, and fashion trends. Each board has a catchy name, and a board cover to match my blog theme and profile picture. This is what pulls together your overall Pinterest profile. Your followers will fall in love with the organization and the simplistic theme of your profile. It should be easy to find what they are looking for and you should also try your best to pin the appropriate things to each board. DON’T FORGET: Make a board that is specifically for just your blog, and pin every post to this board.



      Moving on, It’s time to discuss how to get people to engage with your Pinterest. The major key is your pins and the content! The graphics should be eye-catching! Pinterest is nothing like the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” In fact, It’s the exact opposite. THE COVER IS EVERYTHING! You have to make it pop and stand out from all the other pins. For blogging, you always want the longer length pins, and you want them to be rich pins. Rich pins give a direct link back to your blog when they are clicked on. This is what will generate most of your traffic. My favorite part about pinning is creating the graphics! I enjoy this because you can express so many things and pull in the followers by designing a beautiful cover picture! Since I first started blogging I’ve always used www.canva.comIt is free and super easy to use!

Another key factor is switching your account over to a business account. This will give you the ability to see your account analytics and you can connect your website to get all the data obtained from Pinterest. I use this to track my growth and see what is working best and what affects my engagement. You can also track the amount of clicks you get from Pinterest to your website. Cool, right?

 Now it’s time to conquer and dominate! This is by far the most IMPORTANT step!


   I cannot emphasize this enough, believe me when I say this is the magic of pinning! Group boards are boards that you can be invited to pin to but you do not own. This is what gives you ton of exposure! For example, I am in a group board with 187k followers. When I pin to this board they all can see my pin, and then when they re-pin it, their followers can also see my pin! It’s a continuously cycle full of growth! Essentially you want to join 80-100 group boards at the least in my opinion! You do this by finding a group board and following the direction in the bio. Some will have you email, and others will just say comment if you want to join. How do you find group boards? is an amazing way to find them, but this site only gets updated every few months. My favorite way to find them is by looking at the profiles of some top bloggers and asking to join the group boards I find on their page. Trust me, if you try to skip this step you will see NO growth at all.

After you’ve gotten this far you have to stay consistent and active. This can be super easy by using tailwind! Tailwind automates pins so your account is continuously pinning. This way you are always engaging and so you can always expect to get some engagement back! You can always test it out and see if it works best for you!

Blogger Must Haves and Blogging Social Media Tips!

     Blogger Must Haves and Blogging Social Media Tips!


Being a blogger comes with a lot of difficulties with staying organized and on top of task! A major key in being successful deals with the tools and the proper techniques you use. It will also be a great stress reliever when you don’t have to worry about much because you’re already organized! Trust me, as a busy blogger, These tool’s and resources help me tremendously! I don’t know what I would do without them! Remember, take into consideration that every blogger has a different technique and some are more successful than others. Do what you know is best for you and your blog! You’ll be as successful as you dream!



Picture editing:

My favorite apps to use would definitely be the ones that keep me organized and my pictures looking bright and unique! As a beauty and fashion blogger you have to take clear pictures! I  suggest using: Pixlr! I’ve used this picture editor for 5 years now! I love it, and It’s super easy to use! Photoshop is also a must have! You can do so much with this app, and better yet, It can do more than just photos! You must give it a try! Of course, Instagram would be a simple way to lighten up your pictures and add a special filter!


I always use my notepad to keep track of any ideas that come to mind! This is handy because I tend to forget a lot of things throughout the day. Evernote is also a great alternative. You can take photos, make list, audio recordings and much more! It’s great to use to keep track of those bright ideas!


You can explore or even create a post from wherever you happen to be! This is handy when you want to get out the house and blog on the go! I love using this because It’s so simple to use especially with 3 hour-long trips to a different city! It’s so easy to blog on the go!


MY FAVORITE! No exaggeration! This app is amazing! You can do EVERYTHING you need for your pictures and images. You can create sllideshows, logos, email headers, Pinterest graphics, and much more. It’s super simple, and all the designs are gorgeous. I have been using this feature since I first started my blog. I will never switch to any other platform!


Media Kits:

Media kits are a vital part of blogging. You may be wondering, “what is a media kit?”

A media kit is what outlines every important aspect of your blog. It will state the pro’s, and the statistics. I think of it as a resumé! You tell every thing that makes your blog POP! You give this to advertisers and companies you want to collaborate with. As a blogger, you MUST have a media kit! It’s what makes you professional and gives you the better advantage in getting a freelance or collaboration job! Try it now! You can use my all time favorite, along with many other bloggers.


HipMediaKit is perfect! It’s professional, stylish, and very easy to edit! You will have NO troubles at all!

Editorial Calendar:

This is the trick that keep bloggers stress free! Use EDITFLOW to make your wordpress perfect for you!

“Edit Flow gives you custom statuses, a calendar, editorial comments, and more, all to make it much easier for your team to collaborate within WordPress.” -Editflow



Use a simple calendar or download a calendar app and chose a project for each day of the week! This will keep you on track and you’ll never have to sit around for hours and brainstorm a simple thought. Don’t take the easy way out. It will be worth it in the long run. Spend an hour or two every Saturday morning and fill up the next 3 weeks with plans for your blog! Spend this time to manage your website and build it to the top!

I use my personal planner to help me keep track of affiliate sales and password information. This will be very important when you start to build and grow your traffic!


Social Media Planner:

Plan out certain times and days to keep your follows on track and engaged!

Post Planner:

Make a post planner to keep your categories balanced. A post planner would look similar to this:

Monday’s-Beauty Review

Tuesday’s- Teaching Something New

Wednesday’s- D.I.Y project

Thursday’s- Cooking 

Friday’s-No post (Focus on something your blog needs)

Saturday’s- Health

Sunday’s- Optional!

The easiest way to store this would be to make a cute graphic and print it out! Post it by your calendar!




The majority of your blog profit will come from affiliate sales and marketing. This is the most important aspect of blogging to master and become very successful in. It determines your amount of profit and blog worth. You should invest as much time as possible in this field, and take courses to educate you to your best ability! You will not regret it!


I started my blog 3 months ago, at the very end of July. I am so excited to say I am gaining profit off my blog! I love working hard and doing something I truly love! It’s one of the best feelings ever, and the accomplishments are going to continue to come for you and me both! Aren’t you excited? Get ready to dive into the affiliate marketing lesson with me. If you do not have a blog page yet create one with bluehost! It’s the best you will find! Click on the images below to get started now!

This is what you’ll gain your profit from. It’s an amazing maze to go through, and you will see much improvement throughout your journey. Never give up, and stay motivated! Spend at least 3-4 days out of the 7 focused on affiliates! You’ll notice more money flow, and this comes with more interaction and traffic!



What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you advertise and promote a company and/or a product for commission. You mostly earn commission through sales. It is possible to earn 6 figures from affiliate sales alone! It’s a serious business that requires a lot of heart and dedication. Affiliates usually happen through links on text or images. The easiest way to sell a product is to review it and sell it to your visitors. You want to make each post go into depth and sell the product as if it’s the best thing ever! Never lie though! Don;’t forget about the overall purchase of your blog or website. You want to be completely honest with your visitors and subscribers! They’re counting on you!

Below are 3 affiliate programs I use, and you should definitely look into.


This program is overall amazing! I used this right after I started growing my google adsense! It gives me access to hundreds of companies in my niche and it makes it really easy to write a post on something that still fits and will continue to grow my blog while making profit! My very first post with CJ was My coastal scents makeup post! CLICK HERE TO VIEW!  It was actually one of my all time favorite post! It’s amazing how I could keep on my niche and write an article that I enjoyed writing so much! I highly suggest trying CJ affiliates out! It’s worth a try!


This is the first affiliate program I joined. It was perfect for a newbie because it doesn’t have much technical details. It’s very simple and extremely successful. I started off with linking all the products I did reviews on from my blog. It’s very useful because Amazon Affiliates has widgets to create images and text that will link directly to your affiliate account. This makes the process very easy. I also decided to create my own Amazon store will I was at it! (WHY NOT?) Click here to check it out! It’s perfect for that extra income and an easy way to link all your favorite products to purchase. Your blog community can easily access all your products, and you still get commission!


One of my favorite affiliate marketers is CLICKBANK! It’s so easy to use and it’s legit possible to make 6 figures if you put in the work! It’s an amazing platform and you will never be disappointed with this marketer.

I highly suggest using the CLICKBANK marketplace wordpress Plugin. You sales will literally triple! Your income with be significant! Try it! Click Here!





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How To Get Blog Traffic!Top Blogging MUST Knows! Get Thousands Of Visitors!

I started my blog at the start of August in 2016. It has now been about 3 months. It has taken a lot of dedication and determination. Starting a blog happens to be way more than just posting articles! You have to put in a TON of hours every week! I previously posted this article about how to increase your blog traffic

These tips and tricks have helped me increase my daily views by several hundred! For the first 5-6 weeks, I would only get an average of 50 views a day! The next two weeks after that I focused more on social media instead of posting so much. It increased by HUNDREDS! It still increases to this day, because I put a lot of work into connecting with the people in love with my niche, beauty.

If you read every article on how to help your blog out, you’re gonna read a lot about Pinterest. I have added tailwind to my Pinterest and updated to a business account. (Follow me here!) This has helped tremendously and I know can see my analytics from Pinterest. You can also promote your pins to drive in hundred of visitors and repins! This is honestly where you have to invest most of your time in if you’re looking for traffic! You’ll increase by at least 300% if you work hard enough! I spent 4 nights in a row sending out at LEAST 15 emails to join group collab. boards above 10k followers! This is help so much, and you will gain tons of exposure!

Facebook groups have helped me out a lot as well. I’ve joined over 50! Find some that fit your niche and post away! This is my second main source of views and traffic. I just recently started working on Facebook two weeks ago. I log on everyday and add my link as many times as I can! Give it a try! You can also promote your website with ads!

While on Facebook, I am across one of the most AMAZING platforms for growing your blog traffic. StumbleUpon! You can share your link along with others! I went somewhat viral and had 853 views over a couple of hours! Then, it continued to blow up my traffic! The secret to StumbleUpon is to not overload with your SAME link to your website! You want to add as many other links as possible and continuously like at least 30-50 stumbles a day. 



It’s as simple as visiting! Write a simple but very handy blog post about! It’d be best if your write it in a article just like this one! It actually works too! You won’t be disappointed! I love this website and all the reviews I have read on it! Try it NOW!

Top Tricks & Tips On Increasing Blog Traffic!

Top Tricks & Tips On Increasing Blog Traffic!


Increasing your blog traffic is one of the main things new bloggers worry about. It’s a vital aspect in the blogging world. Without traffic you don’t gain any type of activity or feedback! It’s so important! I’m gonna teach you a few ways I increased my blog traffic in just a couple of months! Theses are some of the BEST tricks and tips, and they are guaranteed to help your blog grow and glow!



Your blog must have valid and interesting content. No one reads a boring blog, or even a blog that is not valid! Take time to make a post worth the read! You’ll receive more feedback and views.



Get engaged with social media. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TRICK! This is where 90% of traffic comes from. You can use all social medias ranging from instagram, twitter, tumblr, and especially PINTEREST! Pinterest is known for giving blogs hundreds of views! Build your blogs pinterest page and continuously post to it and promote all your content. Re-pin your content even if it’s already posted! This will make a major difference, and you will notice it!



Look everywhere to promote your blog. Tell your friends and family, and you can even promote on your personal social media. Promotion can give your page a lot of exposure which is one of the main aspects needed for your blog to thrive.



Everyone loves free stuff! This is a trick I use to build my page. Everyone who subscribes to my page and enters the giveaway has a chance of winning a giveaway! It can range from gift cards, to makeup, and even expensive high-end products! It is definitely worth a try!



You have to be consistent and upload a post at minimum once a week. You need to always add new content. Don’t be afraid to change the subject and topic up either!



Not only can your use social media, giveaways, etc. But also you can think outside the box! Comment about your blog on other blogs, DONT SPAM! Find a relatable topic and explain why your post relates then add a link!



You can join blogging communities and talk to other bloggers and continue to show off all your content! My personal favorite is bloglovin! Give it a try!


never give up!