D.I.Y. GORGEOUS Beauty Wall Art! Vanity Decor!

D.I.Y. GORGEOUS Beauty Wall Art! Vanity Decor!

D.I.Y. GORGEOUS Beauty Wall Art! Vanity Decor!

  This is a gorgeous D.I.Y. I achieved to make my vanity even better! I put these around my vanity mirror and it looks amazing! This D.I.Y. is very simple and only takes 5 minutes at the most! It is so affordable it ranges from free-2.00$! You won’t be disappointed with this easy “do it yourself!”


  • Cardstock Printer Paper!
  • Printer
  • Picture Frame (However many you want to!)
  • Glitter

  You can either print off a cute design or quotes or you can do these lovely beauty arts listed below! The design you print off can be made personally by CANVA! Or you can visit these listed sites below and find the cutest designs that fit you best!


3D eyelashes!

Buy 3-5 new eyelashes because they already have a natural curve and of course they are clean! Add 2 drops of clear adhesive to the card stock and apply the lashes. You can even use your favorite eyelash glue! This makes it way more convenient. After this step, You can personalize it however you want by adding cute quotes or even glitter!


Grab all your favorite lipsticks and a piece of card stock. Simply press your lips against the card stock and make your favorite shades visible! A fun thing to do would to be to add glitter on your lips before you press your lips against the card stock to make it glitter lip pouts!


Swipe your favorite swatches in a line on the card stock. You can do color themed or all your favorite lipsticks again! Throw some glitter and quotes on it if you want a more personalized look! Simple!


Below are the simple steps to this EASY project!

Print off all of your favorite designs that you want!

Next trim them down to the correct size of the picture frame.




Insert in the picture frames, you can add glitter or sequins if you’d like! I added sparkle sheets behind the lips to give it a special effect!





I hope you enjoy this VERY simple D.I.Y. and it is perfect if you’re looking for something to spice up your vanity or work desk!

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