LUSH Cup O’Coffee Face Mask Dupe DIY

LUSH Cup O’Coffee Face Mask Dupe DIY

LUSH Cup O’Coffee Face Mask Dupe DIY

I’m sure you’ve heard about the amazing LUSH coffee face mask! If you haven’t make sure you visit your local LUSH store and check it out! It is one of the best sellers and most of all, It smells AMAZING! I love the Cup O’coffee face mask. The only downfall is it can get very expensive especially when you aren’t trying to splurge. It’s always alarming when you can create a very similar product for a much affordable price! I created this dupe for only about 6 dollars!


The coffee acts as a perfect exfoliator. It will help remove dead skin without leaving harsh redness! I love it because the coffee grinds are perfect for my sensitive skin and it also smells amazing! The honey is also a key ingredient. Honey is good for glowing skin. It will leave your skin acne improved and nourished.


   1/2 cup coffee beans (mashed up)

3/4 cup of milk

2-3 tbsp Honey


Specifics On The Ingredients:

Coffee Beans: One of the best smelling exfoliators! (Am I Right?) It boost collagen levels as well. The benefit is that is is a nice smooth exfoliator without any sharp beads that will cause damage to your skins surface.

Milk: It has compared to lemon juice to also lighten your skin dark spots. It contains lactic acid to help improve skin discoloration. It can also be a great toner.

Honey: Honey acts as an antibacterial. It helps with acne and it also is known for leaving a special glow! It will boost your complexion with a soothing finish!



Mash the coffee beans into a bowl. Next, Mix in the milk and honey. Stir until the coffee beans are completely mixed in. Make sure it is stirred and applied evenly. Apply and enjoy for 10-15 minutes!

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