The Ultimate Avocado Face Mask

The Ultimate Avocado Face Mask

The Ultimate Avocado Face Mask

You’ve been on the search for the perfect facial mask to nourish and hydrate your skin to perfection! Well here it is! The ultimate face mask I use to soften and restore my skin. It is perfect for a evenings relaxation, and most of all, It’s cheap! You can make this mask for anywhere from free-$1.00! All you need is a few key ingredients. I love this mask because it never fails to store moisture and soothes my skin.


        It hydrates skin and will also help acne prone problems. Avocado helps exfoliate the dead skin layer for brighter and smooth skin. Your wrinkles will begin to fade, along with anti-aging. Overall, It restores moisture!


   1/2 Avocado

1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

1/2 Ripe Banana

Optional Ingredients:

Avocado + Lemon= Oily Skin

Avocado + Mayonnaise= Hair Repair

Avocado + Honey= Acne Prone Skin

Avocado + Oatmeal= Dry Skin

Avocado + Egg Whites= Wrinkles

   Specifics On The Ingredients:


Avocado: Avocado’s are known to help moisturize and smooth skin. It hydrates and soothes. You will not be disappointed with the nourishment it will leave! They are filthy rich with fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. This being said, It can improve your skin from the inside out!

Coconut Oil: It is a natural antibacterial and anti fungal oil. It penetrates deep in your skin leaving an unremarkable amount of moisture. Coconut oil is very versatile as well. It is a key part of any moisturizer!


       Peel the avocado and mash into a small bowl. Mix until it is a nice paste, and has little to no lumps. Next, Peel the banana and mash it into the same mixture until blended well together. Pour in the coconut oil or olive oil and mix together.



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