The Life Of A Female Entrepreneur: 2017.

The Life Of A Female Entrepreneur: 2017.

The Life Of A Female Entrepreneur: 2017.

It is now the start of 2017, A new fresh beginning. It is the perfect time to sit back and set the most ambition goals to achieve within the next 12 months. Anything you put your mind to, is possible! Take advantage of the platforms this world has given you and avoid the platforms that the world hasn’t given you. Put your mind into your brand and build your empire. It can be as simple as working your head off for 5 days out of the week and resting 2! 

I started my blog back in late July of 2016. I’ve worked steadily these past months to build my blog and deliver content. I am now working to gain exposure and conquer the blogging world! I personally set the bar high and expect to reach my standards by the end of 2017, and sooner if possible! By the time my blog fully develops, I hope to have a set line for a Street Haute cosmetics! It will be a homemade cosmetic and body line! Exciting, right?

My favorite part of building my own brand is the fact that everything I do, I enjoy! I never have to suffer or worry about waking up in the morning and dreading my entire work day! If you work SUPER hard for a year or 2 without taking breaks, It’ll will pay off! ONLY you define your hustle!

Create Every Opportunity! 

These websites will help any female entrepreneur grow her website to the best of success! 

-Female entrepreneur associations. This website is amazing! It has everything from social media training, finance, and even marketing! It will guide you and strengthen you so you will one day reach the top!

-The Nectar Collective: I love this page because is so simply yet powerful. It has everything a female blogger or business women needs to succeed. It definitely will guide you on self developing and entrepreneur tips.

-Olyvia: WOW! I was speechless when I reached this site. It has everything you could hope for you help you. It’s for business blogging women and she makes it sound so easy! You wont miss a beat with Olyvia! That’s for sure! You’ll also learn how to get noticed.


Quotes to keep you motivated all day, everyday! 


(Disclaimer: These quotes listed below are not owned by me! They are only my favorite quotes!)


“1 year+ 365 oppurtunities”

“When things don’t happen right away, remember, It takes 6 months to build a rolls royce, and 13 hours to build a toyota”

“I had no choice but to boss up, and create my own lane” – mk global

“Be the kind of women that makes other girls want to step their game up!”

Some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.: So many people are content letting someone who worked for their dream dictate their life... it's tragic.:

Become a visionary! From @thatlife5tyle - #Inspirational #quotes…: My goal is to create a life I don't need a vacation from:




The perfect book to read:                      

You should take a look into this book, it is  great for any female who wants that boost everyday!

 #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso is an all time favorite by tons of female entrepreneurs and business women. It leaves the perfect imprint on your mindset! It will give you that amazing boost of energy and vibes! I high recommend buying this book if you’re looking for something to keep you on track! It’s even on sale for only $9.52, Buy it now! GIRLBOSS!

Social Media Accounts You Must Follow NOW!

My all time favorite social media account to follow is! It gives me the best motivation every time I scroll down my feed. It never disappoints and I definitely take all the quotes and inspiration to mind!

buildyourempire_ is another great account that gives you all the information you need! You must follow this account!

Another account that you don’t want to miss out on is ambitioncircle!

I love having these accounts on my social media because it’s always a refresher when scrolling down my news feed! Nothing’s better than receiving a positive outlook and creating an even better mindset! 

 Never Give Up!









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