Embroidered Jeans Hit The 2017 Fashion Trends

Embroidered Jeans Hit The 2017 Fashion Trends

Embroidered Jeans Hit The Fashion Looks Of 2017.  From the holes to the length, Jeans have evolved greatly over the years. It’s a great way to fall into the latest trends and make an astonishing fashion statement. I personally love how jeans can transform and be worn in multiple ways! Denim comes in all styles and colors. When you add embroidery it pulls together the statement you’re trying to get across.

    Do you remember the phase where wearing high-waisted jeans was one of the most trendy items you could own? Well think about personalizing your jeans to match your personality. Sweet, right?
    Check it out! You might just fall in love with the way embroidery pulls together the overall look. You may know this model by the name of Nisa. You can find her and all the pictures from this photo shoot on her Instagram @pizzapizza_nisa!
     This is one of my all time favorite styles! Booties with an off the shoulder shirt, all pulled together by the jeans! One of the greatest factors about embroidered jeans is that you can either dress it up or dress it down. Simplicity is key with this look.
    As you may already know, GUCCI is known for the high-end statements with embroidery design. You should definitely check out the authenticity of the designs the next time you happen to walk past the GUCCI store in the mall.
   Not only can you find these designs on jeans, but also shoes! Yes! Check this out, another amazing way to customize your wardrobe to match your personality without going over the top!
   Does it cost too much? 
     No, it’s definitely affordable! In fact, you can do it all by yourself! Grab an old pair of jeans and get to work with your favorite colors of thread. It will be time-consuming but why not! You can work on this when you have nothing else to do, or if you want a project to experiment on. Not only can you do this on jeans, but also on shirts, shoes, and even purses! Be unique and don’t be afraid to express yourself through the designs!
This trend is definitely growing through the 2017 must haves! Get to work! Don’t miss out!

 Happy 2017 from Street Haute! 

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