Dear Queens,

“There are people who I have let go of and have not forgiven…who are not causing me any pain because I healed the parts of me that wanted them.” 

Words of wisdom by Horacio Jones. 

     Forgiveness is the key to a fresh start and a better beginning. It will refresh your aspect on life and develop a better outlook. This is so important, and you must have forgiveness. You must seek forgiveness and let go of the damage and negativity that you previously let get to you. You better yourself and you learn from every mistake you’ve made. LET GO, MOVE PAST IT, BE A BETTER YOU.

Holding a grudge doesn’t have any positive effect on you. It makes you bitter and weaker actually. Forgiveness doesn’t make you weak, It makes you stronger. 

This also pertains to others. When someone else is working hard to change and better their selves, The worst thing you can do is hold them back and hold their past against them. Help others transform. Everyone deserves forgiveness. 

Remember this, 

“There is nothing more classy or powerful than showering forgiveness and grace to someone who does not deserve it. ” -Anonymous 

                                                         You are a queen, original

                                                            -Tasia Jayde



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