10 Food Essentials For Everyday Health!

10 Food Essentials For Everyday Health!


        It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep a healthy diet! What you put into your body is what you get out. If you spend your days putting in junk food then don’t expect a banging body. It is a must to watch what you fuel your body with. The food you eat is the fuel your body runs on. Be smart, and don’t slack when it comes to caring for your body’s health. 

     These are the 10 food essentials for your everyday diet!

  1.       This first one is pretty easy…FRUITS AND VEGGIES! Yes, It is so important to make sure you get a good amount everyday! You should consume at least 2 1/2 cups of fruits and veggies a day! You will even start to feel healthier! 
  2.         Reduced Fat Ingredients! If your meal contains cheese make sure it is reduced fat. If it contains sour cream and cream cheese make sure it is reduced fat as well!
  3.          Watch the amount of sugar! You can hear this 20 times a day but it still doesn’t show the value of watching the sugars you put in your body. Sugars will increase your hormone usage, which isn’t healthy for your body!
  4.          Drink water! Drink a bottle and 1/2  at least with every meal. Your body is made mostly of water so you want to absorb as much as possible. This can also help greatly with your skin health. 
  5.         PROTEIN! This helps with your body strength. Don’t eat too much but if your craving a snack, why not eat a protein bar? It’s important to help maintain muscular endurance. 
  6.         NO MORE NIGHT-TIME SNACKS! You are putting unnecessary junk in your system. Wait until breakfast and have a good meal to start you off for the day!
  7.     Speaking of breakfast, never skip it! This is the most important meal of the day! You need it to fuel your body. This is the energy you run off of!
  8.         Eat acceptable portions. Don’t over do it, or under do it! Measure or estimate the right serving amounts and it may help to keep a daily calculation of calories and amounts of products eaten!
  9.        Get in the gym, This can help your appetite and you will start to prefer only light, and healthy foods like pasta and salads!
  10. LOVE YOURSELF AND YOUR BODY! Treat yourself with respect and care!

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