Guide To The PERFECT Lipstick!

Guide To The PERFECT Lipstick!

Guide To The PERFECT Lipstick!


        Have you ever spent the longest time in the store or online shopping trying to figure out what shade is best for you? We all understand that struggle! This guide will help you find what lipstick shade fits you best!


          The major step to finding what shade is best is to know what your skin undertone is. Everyone is either a pink undertone which is more cool, or a yellow undertone which is warmer. If you’re both then you are a neutral undertone which makes it so easy to choose colors! You can tell what undertone you are by your vein colors. If they are green you have a yellow undertone. If the veins are blue you are a pink undertone! Of course if they are both blue and green you fall in the neutral category. 


         After you find your undertone notice if you are a light or a darker shade of it. For example, If you’re a pink undertone and you’re really pale, then your more than likely a light/cool. I’d recommend to take a trip to Sephora, Mac or even your local beauty supply store such as Ulta, and play around with some swatches and compare them with your skin! You’ll be so much happier if you swatch the lipstick. Most nude colors come out way different when you apply to your actually lips! If you have a dark complexion the lip shade will not look the same on you as it does on a lighter complexion.



   These are some perfect examples. You can also use nude shades, but when you have a cooler and lighter skin complexion, you can use almost any colored lipstick! Avoid deep reds if your more pale, but a nice soft red would look great! 


   Light / Warm



               A perfect nude, or even a brown shade goes so lovely with is undertone. You can also do a ombre style lip! Use a dark lip pencil and then go in with a nude! The pink shades also go well with this complexion. You can mix a lot of colors together and make a perfect combination!





GORGEOUS, RIGHT? These shades look so perfect on a dark warm undertone! It’ll amaze you! Find a true deep pink or even a burgundy and you’ll never wanna go back to any other shade!

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