Lip Pencil Guide & How To Outline Lips!

Lip Pencil Guide & How To Outline Lips!

Lip Pencil Guide & How To Outline Lips!

Don’t you get annoyed when your lipstick doesn’t sit right? I know I do! Who wouldn’t love a clean, crisp look! Lip liner plays a big part in your lipstick. It can help it stay on longer and it can also define your lips. This past summer had a huge trend of over lining your lips. This makes them appear larger and more filled. The hard part is to make it look natural. Lip liner is a lot like eyeshadow. You have to blend it and make sure its even. You want to refrain from overpowering!

A major tip of using lip liner is to make sure it is one shade darker than the lipstick you are using. This makes it blend and look natural. You never want to go lighter!

Lip liners work best when you use automatic pencils. The others get dull when you have to continuously shave them and they also don’t go on well. In my opinion, It is way better to use automatic because they go on so easy, and smooth. The also aren’t harsh on your lips and the skin surrounding your lips.

If you decide to go for a natural look then use a nude lip liner and pull in all the way through your lips and coat with a perfect lip gloss! This look will be gorgeous!

  When outlining your lips, you want to pull the liner all the way in instead of just doing a thin line around your lips. Below is a perfect diagram of where to outline!

Image result for lip outline tutorialImage result for lip outline tutorial


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