Make Your Mascara Last Longer!

Make Your Mascara Last Longer!

 Make Your Mascara Last Longer!

      Everyone hates dried out mascara! There are several tips you can use to solve this issue! It’s simple. It is also very affordable so price isn’t an issue at all! Most tricks are products found at home! This tips require very little effort as well!


  1. add 3-4 drops of saline solution to make the mascara less dry, and easier to use. It will last up to 3x longer and you can use this trick however many times you want!
  2. Avoid over “pumping” the mascara wand because this lets air into the mascara bottle and causes it to dry out way faster and gather clumps!
  3. Add Vaseline onto the wand and mix it into the mascara bottle, This will make the clumps go away and the mascara will go on smoother, It will also help avoid clumping.
  4. When in desperate need, add 1-2 drops of water. This will loosen up the solution and it will add up to 4-5 more uses until you can get the next mascara product!
  5. After every use, Double check to make sure the mascara lid is secure and closed very tightly. The more air you let in to the bottle, the faster it drys out!


My highly recommended drugstore mascara is the NYC big bold mascara. This mascara literally last me months and I don’t ever have any issues with clumps or it drying out! Its bold, and the brush works amazing to prevent any clumps from happening!

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My top recommended Brand name mascara is the Too Faced Line. All the mascaras work amazing and do exactly what they advertise! The work well with all different types of lashes. It is definitely worth a try!

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