Makeup 101: Tips & Tricks

Makeup 101: Tips & Tricks

Makeup 101: Tips & Tricks

Be careful, You are entering an area with beauty secrets flowing everywhere! Below you will read and discover the top beauty hacks you’ve never may have realized are worth it and life changing! 

Trick #1: Mix your foundation with a moisturizer for lightening your coverage and prevent the foundation from skin breakouts.

Trick #2: Mix your foundation with a glowing eyeshadow for an illuminating effect!

Trick #3: Corn starch will help oily skin.

Trick #4: Your foundation or concealer should match the inside of your arm, do not try to match your back of hand or wrist. 

Trick #5: Adding drops of saline will expand your mascaras life span.

Trick #6: Add a color correct before applying lipstick to make the color more vivid or vibrant. 

Trick #7: Rub coconut oil onto your eyelashes and eyebrows before bed for strength and growth.

Trick #8: Use tape to create straight lines, it will help your faces be more symmetrical.

Trick #9: Using a lighter, Light your pencil eyeliner to make it go on smoother and darker. 

Trick #10: Use white liner, a base, or a concealer before applying eyeshadow for a longer lasting and vibrant look. 

Trick #11: Use translucent powder in between layers of mascara for bolder bigger lashes.

Trick #12: Draw a “X” on your upper lip for a cupids effect.

Trick #13: Use a cold spoon to fade dark circles under eyes.

Trick #14: The closer in your eyebrows the smaller effect on your nose. 

Trick #15: Dot/Dab foundation with a sponge.

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