How To SLAY Black Lipstick!

How To SLAY Black Lipstick!

How To SLAY Black Lipstick!


When you decide to be bold and do a dark lip, such as black, You have a lot of do’s and do not’s! It’s really important to know what you can and cannot do with black lipstick. You don’t want to look like a physco with 10 pounds of makeup and different colors all over your face! The key to wearing black lipstick is simplicity. You don’t want to over power something that is already so powerful! Black lipstick is bold and beautiful. It screams confidence! Below are a few tips that will guide you to the perfect SLAY:

  1. Not To Much Colors! You don’t want to do colorful eyeshadow with black lipstick unless you are trying to achieve a specific look. A natural eye with browns, and gold go great with black lipstick.

2. BLUSH! Don’t overuse the blush! You want simple cheeks or it will make a bad contrast with the dark lips! Keep it light, and use natural shades!

3. BOLD LASHES! YES! Bold lashes look BEAUTIFUL with black lipstick! It pulls the look together! Keep the eyeliner and eyeshadow light and use dramatic lashes! You won’t be disappointed with the final look.


The Youtuber Simply Shanalee shows the PERFECT demonstration of how to look gorgeous with black lipstick!

As you can tell, she keeps it very simple without using bold eyeshadow or eyeliner! It makes a big difference and black lipstick will never look better! Try these little tricks out and see what works best for you!

Here is another Youtuber Jasmine Brown! She shows a more fierce and bold way to slay black lipstick!

If you are looking for the perfect black lipsticks here are some of my favorites!

Image result for black lipstick
This is the MAC lipstick in Black Knight! 17.00$
Image result for black lipstick lime crime
Lime crime amazing lipstick in black velvet! This is liquid and it dries matte and stays on all day! 16.00$ BUY HERE
Image result for black lipstick
Buy this at your local Ulta store! Works amazing!

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