The Top Uses For Coconut Oil!

The Top Uses For Coconut Oil!

The Top Uses For Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil is best unprocessed/virgin/raw. It works like magic, and has so many benefits from hair and even skin. You will never be disappointed when using this product in any recipe.



Coconut oil has thousands of uses in the hair. It also has thousands of results. It makes it softer, healthier, shiny, and even stronger. One of my personal favorite uses is a coconut oil hair mask.


1/4 cup of coconut oil.

1 avocado.


You simply heat up the coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl, and mix in the avocado! Apply and leave on as long as you desire! You can even use just coconut oil and apply a shower cap overnight to moisturize all night. It works wonders! You’ll be wanting to do this mask everynight! But don’t!!!!! You hair wouldn’t approve of looking oily 24/7.


Another good use for hair is a simple scalp massage. This will help prevent and get rid of any dandruff or a dry scalp. Heat it up in a bowl, or use it will its hard and rub your fingers in circle motions to move it all around the scalp.

TRICK: This also stimulates hair growth if you flip your head upside down and run your scalp in circle motions. It causes blood flow to the scalp. Try it for one week, once a month! Trust me, It works!

Tired of Frizz? Smooth coconut oil over the ends of your hair in an even small amount. It will lay it down smoothly, and cause the frizz to disappear!




Ever have trouble shaving with regular shaving cream? Use coconut oil as a shaving balm. It smooths and softens while you shave and also works amazing! You wont have no stubble and it will be glowing!

Night cream! Mix with a moisturizer. You will notice a huge difference and wont be disappointed! You’ll wake up with a special glow, and softer skin.

It also helps care for your cuticles!

Do you get really bad sun burn? USE COCONUT OIL! YES! It will soothe the burn and cause relief to the pain!




When your missing your chapstick and need a quick and perfect solution, always go to coconut oil. It will moisture amazingly and leave you in shock! You’ll never go back to chapstick again!

Running low on makeup remover? Apply to a cotton ball and sweep away all that makeup! It makes your skin smooth while you take off all the dirt and makeup! Great alternative, especially when your makeup wipes are causing you to break out.

Don’t have that special highlighter with you? Believe it or not, sweep the smallest amount over your cheekbone and you will be glowing for the rest of the day. Try this out!

Body scrubs work amazing.


Any 3-5 Drops of essential oil

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup coconut oil

Mix, over heat, then remove and enjoy!

I found this amazing guide on pinterest by organic codes!

30 Everyday uses of coconut oil - organic codes:

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