The Ultimate Glow Guide!

The Ultimate Glow Guide!

    The perfect glow can be achieved easily! Below are some small tips I use for an everyday glow!

  • Hydrate: Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water. This helps your skin look more lively and gives it a natural glow!
  • moisturizer: Lock in moisture will your favorite moisturizer. I use Jergen’s Glow series! It works so good and really gives a vibrant effect. It will definitely brighten your skin and keep it from looking dull. You can also use this all over your body and not just your face!
  • Prevent acne: I use my acne facial wipes and a face wash daily. It’s used to prevent breakouts ahead of time. The brand I have been using for a year now is OXY. It works so well with my skin, and it doesn’t make me breakout!
  • Old Dark Marks: I use a dark spot correction called, “Porcelana” This helps brighten my skin and gets rid of dark spots.
  • Exfoliate: This is the key to not having dull skin and having an amazing glow! It gets rid of the top layer of dead skin cells! I use exfoliating wipes and every other week I use a facial mask!


These are the top 5 tips I use to keep an everyday glow! BUT… There is a quick simple way to get an amazing glow in just 3 seconds! I use my personal favorite highlighters! There are so many and all types! Find the perfect on for you and brighten up!

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