Want Longer Lasting Lipstick? I GOT THE SOLUTION!

Want Longer Lasting Lipstick? I GOT THE SOLUTION!

Longer Lasting Lipstick!

Don’t you hate it when as soon as you leave the house and go out your lipstick starts to fade? I know I do, So I gathered the all time best ways to make your lipstick last longer so you don’t have to worry about reapplying it 20 times! This ways are very simple and can become apart of your daily makeup routine! You will notice the difference and fall in love with the way your lipstick looks and stays on!

Tip #1:

Primer! Make sure you always prime your lips. This makes the vibrant colors show up even better and it makes all your lipstick or even lip gloss stay on way longer! It wont start to fade until hours later! It is truly a miracle! NYX has some amazing lip primers on the cheaper side and Urban Decay has an amazing working primer as well! Be sure to check it out on your next ULTA visit!


Tip #2:

Lip Liner! You MUST Line those lips! It will help the lipstick stick since it is wax based! Don’t just line the outer lip, but drag it into the inner lip as well! It will add the extra pop and it will make your lipstick look cleaner as well! It is the proper base for your lipstick and it is very cheap as well! You can find lip liners in almost every cosmetic brand and they aren’t as pricey! YAY! Below is a picture example of how to line your lips!


Image result for how to line your lips


Tip #3:

BLOT THE OIL! After you prime your lips and add a layer of lipstick, Take a blotting paper and blot the layer before adding a new layer over it. This gets ride of the excess oil and unneeded product to smooth the lips and make it last way longer due to the lack of oil!


Tip #4:

Moisturize! You don’t want chap lips and it will cause your lipstick to flake and it wont last very long at all! Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub every other week and apply chapstick before applying anything to your lips! It will cause them to be so much smoother and you will see a major difference with how long your lipstick stays on!


Tip #5:

Finishing Powder/Spray! This will make it stick and it wont fade! Use your favorite translucent powder or even your setting spray to set the lipstick in place! This is the MAJOR key! You wont be disappointed!

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